FabFitFun Spring 2015 Review

FabFitFun Spring Edition 2015 Review

Disclosure:  This post contains referral links.

Cost:  $49.99/quarter (four times a year)
Shipping:  Continental United States and Canada
Coupon:  Click here and use coupon code TRYFF to receive $10.00 off your first box.  You will receive almost $400.00 worth of items for $39.00!
Note:  You can see my Fall Box Review by clicking HERE or my Winter Box Review by clicking HERE.

     FabFitFun offers subscribers a chance to discover products for a life well lived. Get $225+ in seasonal finds for $49.99. Members receive the best, full-size beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness products delivered as a curated seasonal surprise, 4x per year.

–     I am always happy to receive my FabFitFun seasonal box.  This is one of the rare subscriptions that I actually pay for a year in advance.  Their customer service is stellar and the value of their boxes is unbelievable.  That being said, I like the Spring Box, but it is probably the least favorite out of all of my boxes.  I highly recommend if you are considering this sub, go to my links above and look at the Fall and Winter boxes.  The value was much better.  Then again, you may love this box, it is all relative.

Item One:   Rifle Paper Company Cities Coaster Set ($16)

–    The Cities Coasters are actually vibrant, attractive and somewhat durable.  I had a small issue with one of the coasters being bent.  I think I normally would have loved these coasters but, I just received two other boxes of coasters ins subscriptions, so it was not something I really needed at this point.

Item Two:  YASI Metallic Flash Tattoos ($36)

–    I have no need for tattoos at my age, but we did use these on our Easter Eggs this year and had somewhat successful results.

Item Three: ORLY Nail BB Cream and BB Creme and Nail Polish In Cake Pop ($23.50)    

–     I normally go to a manicurist for my nails.  My hands are not very steady when I put polish on and I like French Manicures.  The colors in my box are actually very pretty and I may consider taking them with me the next time I get my nails done.  My picture does not show the color in detail; the lighter one with the black top is a pinky/white and the purple top is peachy.  I have not tried this brand yet, but some of my friends have mixed feelings.

Item Four: Merrithew 3 DVD Set Pilates/Intense Body Blast and $25 gift card

   –     I am currently trying to stick with the 21 Day Fix (not very successfully).  I will have to check this out at some point.  You do have to pay shipping with your gift card and I heard it can be very high on this site.

Item Five:  Jules Smith Modern Scarf ($42)

–     The Jules Smith Scarf was the item choice for VIP members.  I chose this one because I thought it would look great on my mother.  I was disappointed when I realized this scarf was very small and very thin.  I will not be giving it to my mother.  I am using it as a runner on a shelf.

Item Six:  Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster and Restoration Serum ($48)

–     Palmetto Collagen Booster made this box worth every cent.  I would never have even known this existed and ladies, it works.  The formula increases collagen growth and helps with the anti-aging process.

Item Seven: OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush Duo #11 and #12 ($45)

–    Lately it seems a lot of subscriptions are sending out makeup brushes.  I typically apply my make up with my fingers, but I really should give these a try.  They really look sleek and the bristles are very soft.

Item Eight:  Miracle Grow Gro-able Seed Pod and Sprout It App Card ($1.49)

–    We are growing to be planting a lot of basil this month.  PopSugar Must Have also sent us Basil in a bag.  This version will go out back in my garden.

Item Nine:  Cosmos Creation Premium Puffed Popcorn

Cosmos Creations Salted Caramel Corn (21 oz.)
Image from Amazon.com

–     All I can say is AMAZING.  I love this brand.  This was a sponsor item in the box but I found a 21 oz version for $14 on Amazon.  We received a small sample size and it was gone quickly.-     Once again there was a $40 off card for Hello Fresh (I receive this a lot) and a savings card of $125 for Vow to be Chic, a wedding apparel rental store.

–     The Spring FabFitFun box had a grand total of around $280 dollars.  Considering with the coupon TRYFF you can receive your first box for $35, it is not a bad deal at all.  Even though this was my least favorite of all my boxes the collagen booster made it worth every cent. I am a huge believer in this sub.

What do you think of FFF?



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