Making Monday Magnificent

–     Today has been a bit of a bear.  A was up the whole night sick and crying.  My husband tried to keep him happy but he was inconsolable.  We are thinking two-year-old molars.  He is pretty happy at the moment eating jelly beans, but his mommy is ready to go to sleep.

My daughter B is in love with this movie. We watch it several times a week. The Tink series just seems to get better with each movie. I hate to admit it but this one made me tear up at the end.

–     On a better note, daddy came home from work on break and brought B a surprise from Tinkerbell….Gruff.  Yes, this is the same Gruff that she had a complete meltdown in the store over on Saturday.  I was really torn as to her receiving this stuffed animal.  I told her as she left screaming that Gruff will come home with us another day.  The promise was kept and she did wait for it but I really questioned this purchase. She was playing and we held it up and said daddy met with Tinkerbell.  If you could have seen her face, she looked like she was about to break down with happiness.  I guess once in awhile this is okay.  Gruff will probably proceed to go everywhere with her for the next six months or longer.

Our very own Neverbeast.

–    We leave for our State tournament Wednesday night so it is time for another list.  I have so much to get done.

Here is to a great Monday for all!



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