Sunny Simple Sunday Easter Edition

– Happy Easter to all!  I finished my list just in the nick of time!

–     Somehow I made it through most of my Easter list yesterday with time to spare.  B made it to the Easter Bunny and had a blast.  We did have a huge problem later as she saw a Gruff stuffed animal from the new Tinker Bell movie.  JcPenneys appears to now have a Disney Store, or something equivalent right by where children’s clothing is located…very strategic in a not so parent friendly kind of way.  They are also building a Sephora right inside the store…very strategic to get my attention and money.  When we began to leave the store without Gruff, B proceeded to cry at the top of her lungs all the way out the store.  Everything had been going so well.   I think she was placated a bit when we visited daddy at work and he said Tinker Bell was going to bring her Gruff another day.  Do any of you get embarrassed when your kids have fits in the store?  The day was going so well.

Patiently waiting our turn. Maybe that is why…she ran out after awhile, lol. The outfit was from a Silk Factory in Shanghai.
Our finished photo. She had fun playing with the bunny but it was hard to catch a smile. I was so happy she had a good time. Not bringing A was not great but I knew it would be hard on him.

–     So far Easter has been great but, I am missing two of my kids.  It is always hard around the holidays now that they are adults.  It is okay though, everyone is coming next month for Kev, my third oldest’s high school graduation.    I have also been so impressed with all of my friend and families Easter creations.

A friends creative veggie spread.
Not yet cooked Nutella bread by my Pampered Chef consultant Teri.
My cousin’s Peep Cake.

–     We have a tradition in the house that the older kids now scoff at, but the little ones love it just like the older kids used to.  The big kids now humor me as we make our bunny pancakes.  I make a huge breakfast and we decorate our bunny pancakes with jelly beans, whipped cream, etc..  I still make a bunny.

–    It is rainy today and I am missing my family in New York and Florida, but overall I think this has been a great Easter.  We just started cooking crock pot lasagna for dinner tonight with a beautiful ceasar salad and garlic bread.  I will post some pictures of our egg coloring adventures and the finished lasagna later.  Thank you for being patient as I need to get reviews up, but I want to spend this time mainly focused on family.

Hope your day is truly wonderful.



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