It was the Night Before Easter…

It was the night before Easter and all through the house, a mother was frantic and scared a mouse.  She realized that she had become so busy that nothing was ready, and with many little ones this was something she was dreading.

–    The mouse part was true…yuck.  We used to have cats, but now that we don’t we occasionally get a mouse or two.   I hate mouse traps, so I will have to figure that one out.

–     I actually put that ridiculously creative poem (note the sarcasm) together in about a minute, as I contemplated that I have nothing ready for Easter this year…it is the first time ever that I have not greatly anticipated Easter.

B’s First Easter ❤

–     When I lived in NY we had Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off.  Down South our Spring Break comes much earlier and of course I was in China.  When I came back, I had to coach my Speech and Debate team at Regionals.  We have been prepping the team for our State Competition this Wednesday through Sunday all week.  Somehow Easter has completely eluded me.  What do you do?  I make  lists….so here it goes.

I love how Easter brings the family together. A’s first Easter and big brother Kev is definitely have a bonding moment.


  • Take B to see the Easter bunny and get pictures-A will not fair well so spare him the pain.
  • Pick up eggs and color.  Use tattoos from all the boxes you receive to make them look regal.
  • Pick up ham, crescent rolls, fruit, everything for bunny pancakes (our yearly tradition), candy, and gift cards for the kids.  Purchase Big Splash Summer passes for the little ones as their main Easter gift.  Buy A a bathing suit.
  • Clean House (yuck)
  • Construct baskets in secret.
  • If there is time, get out your Fab Fit Fun Review and post pictures on past reviews that need to be added.

-Hopefully I can share some pictures with you all tomorrow.  Have a wonderful weekend.

–  J


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