What’s New Wednesday: Raw Spice Bar

Raw Spice Bar
Cost:  $6 monthly or less with longer subscription
Shipping:  US and Canada
Coupon:  N/A

–     I am a little late to this party as I believe their first envelope came out in January, but since this is new to me I thought I would share.  Raw Spice Bar is a monthly subscription that sends 3-4 hand picked freshly ground spice blends along with recipe cards.  I was first introduced to this sub through a beautiful and yummy review by Lindsey Morse on the MSA site for the February Punjabi Indian Spices.  The review had me dreaming of chai rose infused shortbread spiced cookies and I knew for this price I couldn’t pass up the chance to be experimental in the kitchen.  My husband and I both love to cook; especially when it makes the house smell like fresh baked goods.  I am reviewing the February envelope and will get to the March this weekend.

Close up of Rose and Chai Spices

–     Raw Spice Bar gives you two to four recipes each month and the February recipes were Nankhati Short Bread Cookies and Chicken Tikki Masala.

–     The first recipe we made of course was the cookies.  B loves baking with me and this was awesome to make on a cool spring day (I live in the South).

–     The recipe had a few steps and was a bit time consuming due to chilling the dough and shaping.  We loved the first step because the whole house smelled amazing:  Mixing steaming milk, honey with the Chai Rose spices.

Making the dough.
Our finished “hearts” using the letter V.

–     The kids loved these cookies so much they were eating the dough ahead of time and, by the time my husband arrived home there was no cookie to be found.  My four-year-old was appropriately dubbed the cookie bandit that night.

Recipe Two:  Punjabi Chicken Tikki Masala

–     My husband put together the second recipe and informed me that he does not think he wants to do it again.  He loved the way it tasted (he did add some Trader Joe’s Sirache to his dish), but felt over his head as he cooked the recipe. It took him about 50 minutes from start to finish.  I already promised him I will handle the March recipes.

–     I am a big fan of chicken tikki masala as  I have a Desi Wok up the road that has the most incredible recipe.  I did like this recipe and it seemed very authentic.  I am not sure we would make it again though.  We are almost in the 90’s right now and that may be part of why it was not a huge hit.  In Raw Spice Bars defense, this was their February spices; we are just getting started a little late.

–     I do plan on subscribing for a year.  I love being adventurous in the kitchen and learning new dishes.



What do you think of Raw Spice Bar?  Do you love to cook as much as we do?



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