FabKids March 2015 Girls Review

Cost:  $29.95 per outfit/monthly (but can skip any month by the 5th)
Shipping: US
Coupon:  Click HERE to receive your first outfit for $15.00

They have really cute packaging. Pink for girls and dark blue for the guys.

This post contains a referral for FabKids link which supports the site.

–    Each month FabKids gives subscribers adorable outfit, shoe and accessory choices for either boys or girls.  I was especially impressed with the March outfit choices for girls, so I picked up two outfits and a pair of shoes in March. Qualitytimes7 pays for this subscription. The outfits are a bit pricey but the quality is great and the clothing endures washing without fading and much shrinking. I skip months regularly until something speaks to me; right now there are many many outfits speaking to me.  I will most likely be purchasing both boys and girls clothing next month.

B modeling her tribal jumper. (This is after our first wash)

Outfit One:  Tribal Jumpsuit Outfit and Jungle Boogie Scrunchies ($29.95)

–    I will continue to buy rompers from FabKids every time I see them.  These are wonderfully comfortable, breathable and soft.  B loves wearing this and looks really beautiful.

–     Normally FabKids give you matching leggings.  Obviously with a one piece leggings would not make sense.  I think it is great that they still included a second piece.  I actually use these for bed time to gently keep my hair back.

Outfit Two: Striped Pretty in Pink Outfit/Lacy Baby Doll Dress and Stripped Leggings and Fab Glitter Slip Ons. (Bonus Outfit)

–    I purchased a second outfit and shoes because I could not resist.  The shoes are wonderful and she loves them.

I have not been able to get a shot other than our day working on her Koala Crate. She really looks lovely in this and it is very comfortable.
The packaging.

Next Month I am thinking about:

Blue Daydream OutfitPink Ruffle JumperShort Awesome All Day OutfitMr. Cool Outfit

Photos on the FabKids site.

What do you think of my choices?  Anything you would be interested in purchasing?  If so click Here to get your first outfit for $15.00.  Remember this will start a subscription so you will need to cancel or skip months if you wish to continue but not be charged.


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