Koala Crate March 2015 Review “Bugs”

Koala Crate
Cost:  $19.95/monthly
Ships:  United States and Canada
Coupon:  To receive $10.00 off just click here and sign up!!!

Disclosure:  This post contains referral links.

IMG_0405 (2)

–     I was so happy to receive my Koala Crate this week since I was gone for most of the weekend.  Sundays are always fun when we can open up a Kiwi or Koala crate and have quality time.  Koala Crate is a newer subscription that is part of the Kiwi Family.  It is for ages 3-4, and I find both my four and two-year-old really enjoy this particular crate.  I plan on doing a review very soon on their Tinker Crate with my 9 year-old.

–    The theme this month was bugs and as always included two crafts and supplies, Imagine magazine, and bonus activities.  I really loved this month because my daughter kept running around the house shouting “symmetrical.” I could not believe that she understood what that meant but, I actually think she gets its. Not only did we focus on making our wings symmetrical, we also worked on shapes, colors, following directions and learning about insects.  I loved every second of our time together.

Activity One: Our “almost” symmetrical bug wings.

–      B had a bit of fun towards the end and I wanted to encourage her to be creative.  I had to help her unpeel the stickers and form the patterns but it was low on the messiness scale and did not take much time.

She hopped on our table and began decorating her antennae 🙂

Activity Two:Bug antennae. 

–     This was easy to put together but we did run into an issue; when I put the straw through one of the circles, the circle ripped instantly.  Be very gentle putting this one together. I put the headband together and then B used our leftover stickers to decorate the band.  She thought of that herself, and I have to say I was a bit proud.

Don’t mind the wet hair, she had just had a bath. She is also wearing our FabKid outfit choice for March. I will do a review soon. Can you see the joy on her face..it was priceless.

Activity Three:  Matching Bug Card and Eye Viewer

–    What a hit with both kids.  Luckily A was sleeping when we pulled these out, so B was able to get her fill before he woke up.  As soon as my 2-year-old woke up, he immediately commandeered these cards and the viewer.  I enjoyed matching the bugs based on color and pattern.  The viewer was a nice added touch that both kids enjoyed.

–     I have not consistently picked up Koala Crate but found that I am disappointed the months we do not get a crate.  I think I am ready to purchase a year subscription. If you would like to try your first kit for only $10.00 click here for my personal invitation.  Upon sign-up you will have to cancel or they will keep billing your card.  I have had no problem pausing or canceling in the past.

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