Citrus Lane March 2015 2-Year-Old Boy Review

Citrus Lane March 2-Year-Old Boys Box Review and Coupon

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Citrus Lane
Cost:  $29 monthly/less with longer subscription
Shipping:  Contiguous 48 States
Coupon: Click Here and type code NEWSKIPHOP at checkout to receive this adorable Skip Hop Lunchie and Straw Bottle.  I think this may be the best coupon yet.

Free Citrus Lane Offer

–     My March Citrus Lane Box arrived today 3/26/15 in great shape.  Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that is age appropriate based on your input and offers fun and educational toys for you and your little one.  This subscription also makes a fantastic gift for an expecting couple.  I recently gave a box to my cousin for the birth of her new baby girl and she loved it!

–     We purchased this subscription as a gift for my 2 and a half-year-old for his second birthday.  I really like this subscription and enjoy seeing my kids light up when I open the box.

The March Box included:

Item One:  Bow Tie from Baby Bow Tie (Citrus Lane Retail $20)

–    This was the item that I could pick for the month.  Citrus Lane offered three color choices.  I do find this cute, but I am not sure what he would really wear it with.  We already have a suit for Easter.

Item Two:  John Deere Johnny Truck from TOMY  (Citrus Lane $13.95)

–     The Johnny Truck is made of super soft and squishy plastic and features easy-to-push wheels.  The soft corners ensure that this toy will not scratch little one’s skin.  My son loves all things that move and is going through his Disney “Cars” phase, so this is perfect for him.

Item Three:  Family Puzzle from Begin Again (Amazon $9.99)

–    My four-year-old has not even let her brother see this toy.  She commandeered it as soon as I opened the box.  We are a puzzle family and this is cute.  I just wish that we didn’t get a puzzle every month.

Item Four:  Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Back to Nature ($1.50)

–    Back to Nature Cookies have no artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup.  They taste like normal out of the bag cookies.  I usually don’t get chocolate chip so these are just okay for me, but the kids really liked them.  They are fighting over them as I type this, lol.

–     Citrus Lane gives you an insert each month that explains the features of each product.  They also typically give you a few coupons and a coupon code. This month’s coupon offered a 15% discount on their kid travel gear.  They also included  a child care finder coupon.  They do not include prices, so I usually go to Amazon to do a price comparison but sometimes have to use the Citrus Lane Shop.  This month’s box has a value of close to $45.00 but that bow tie is pretty expensive in the CL shop.  I do know this is a good value for what I pay for the box.

What do you thing of the March Citrus Lane 2-year-old boys box?



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