Thursday Thoughts, Missing Mom and Beautiful China

Yu Yuan Garden, Shanghai

–     It has been awhile since I stopped by Jen’s Blog at Ramblingsofasuburbanmom and shared my Thursday Thoughts.  Jen was really the first person who introduced me to the wonderful world of subscriptions, and I love following her site.  I think her kids are just darlings and I wish my kids would smile for photo opportunities the way her lovely boys do.

Terracotta Warriors

–     I fly to China on Saturday and will spread out nine days in Beijing/Badaling, Xi’an and Shanghai.  The itinerary is beyond exciting,  Summer Palace, Taiji lesson, Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, visiting a local school; and this is all in just one day!   On day four, we are going to the Great Wall and a tea ceremony, then a Hutong rickshaw tour and an authentic home cooked meal with a Chinese family.  I cannot wait to share the pictures.  I will try to map out the itinerary with pictures in each place.  The Temple of Heaven Park, Jade Buddha Temple, Yu Yuan Garden and the Terracotta Warriors should be lovely to photograph.  As you can see I am really excited however, anxiety is beginning to set in; I hate leaving my kids.

The Legend of Kung Fu Show, Beijing

–     My older kids feel like when mom leaves it is a big party.  My mom, their grandmother, arrives today from New York and she will stay with my husband to help out, but I still feel in some strange way that I am abandoning my little ones who are two and four.  Mommy guilt, as unreasonable as it might be at times, is very real and it just leaves a pit in your stomach.

Jade Temple

–    In November, I went to Paris for five days.  It was the first time I have left my little ones ever.  The trip was life changing, and the days truly flew by.  The kids survived and I felt so blessed.  China is for nine days and I am beginning to wonder if it is too long.  I will not take another trip without my kids until next year (Italy/Greece) but,  I can’t help but wonder how others deal with the separation.   Everyone tells me it is good to go once in a while; not just for parents but for the little ones as well.  I know there are always a few that would say they would never go.  Here is to a safe, enriching trip, that will not only make me a more fulfilled person, but just a better person and teacher.

Tang Dynasty show and dinner, Xian

A once in a lifetime trip versus Mommy Guilt.   I am going to have to deal.  Any suggestions?



4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts, Missing Mom and Beautiful China

  1. I have blogged a few times about: Every few months we go on a trip (my hubs and I) usually on our boat-to the Islands mostly (St. Thomas, St. Croix, etc.). It is important for him to get away (he owns/runs two Companies) and he feels it necessary I get away (which I strongly disagree with but go along). I dislike leaving my children and my beach home. I am quite content in my own paradise daily. My Mother and Father (who also raised 5 children) are competent and loving and know the family routine .My FIL and MIL are wonderful also and will lend a hand at a moments notice, any one of my 4 brothers and SIL’s will assist, so they are in good hands when we are away. Still…I dislike being away from my family!!! Grin and bare it and Skype. Have a great trip!

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