Two on Tuesday 3/10/15

Disclosure:  This post contains two referral links (Glossybox and Pop Sugar).

–     I was trying to think of something creative to share, and I realized Tuesdays would be a great day to share two of my favorite items either from subscriptions or just fun items in general.

–     Today I am loving on Vichy Laboratores Purete Thermale 3 in 1 Face Wash and Ice Water Eyes by To Go Spas.  I purchased both of these on Amazon but first received the Vichy in a GlossyBox January Subscription and the Ice Water Eyes in my Pop Sugar Must Have Subscription January Box.

Ice Water Eyes in the January Pop Sugar Box.
GLOSSYBOX January 2015
The January Glossy Box including Vichy

Here is an up close look at both items.

Vichy Purete Thermale One Step Cleanser 3 in 1 300ml

To Go Spa Ice Water Eyes Collagen Gel Pads 3pk

–     The Vichy is wonderful for sensitive/combination skin.  I am really red around my nose and cheeks so I always look for something gentle but that does a really great job.  I love the fresh smell and it feels like cream going on.  Probably the most gentle cleanser I have ever used.

Here is a picture of how you apply. They feel like liquid gel packs.

–     The Ice Water Eyes was a huge surprise.  I am tired a lot with two little ones and teaching all day.  These collagen gel pads feel so cool as you put them under your eyes.  I did not put them in the fridge as they say you can do as a “cooler” alternative because I loved the way they felt out of the package.  When you open the sealed package, the masks are submerged in their special formula and are damp going on.  I have no complaints, and they definitely worked in terms of making the under eye puffiness decrease. More importantly, I just felt refreshed.  I have noticed some reviewers feel they don’t stay on easy enough.  I just rested with these and did not move around; which I think is the point.  I actually just purchased a box to take on my China trip this weekend to combat jet lag.

Happy Purchasing!



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