Your Bijoux Box “Happy Spring” March 2015 Review

Your Bijoux Box March 2015 Review

Your Bijoux Box
Cost:  $35.00 monthly
Shipping: United States and Canada (add $6.00 for Canadian Shipping)
Coupon:  Type in code WELCOME to receive an added sparkle (extra piece) in you first box.

–     Your Bijoux Box who graciously sent me this box for review, offers subscribers three or more pieces of hand curated jewelry each month.  They often send out a fourth bonus piece to their subscribers.  I really enjoy this subscription because I can try pieces I did not realize on my own would work, and they have added a special touch to my outfits.  In reality, I just don’t feel as plain because my choices speak volumes as to who I am and how I am feeling on a given day.  I really have come to love statement pieces. Do they look real?  In most cases no, but that is not why one chooses to wear a special piece.

–     I have received and reviewed several Your Bijoux boxes and I have yet to have an issue with any of them.  They are delivered on time, and in great shape.  I still wear my Moroccan Pendant from their August Box all the time, it has become one of my favorite go to pieces.

–     Each Your Bijoux Box comes with an information card outlining your items and giving you style ideas for each piece.

–    Your Bijoux sent out three necklaces this month.  Normally I would be disappointed that there were only necklaces; I love earrings but, all three are lovely and I will put them to good use.  Each item is sent in it’s own pouch every month and the pouches will vary in color and texture.

Item One:  Avril Beaded Strand

–     This necklace is just as pretty in person as it is in the Spoiler picture above.  This will look lovely with a long flowing dress in the spring or a Maxi in the summer.

Item Two:  Elyse Emerald Collar

–     As I opened this piece all I could say was wow.  The emerald green is stunning and I actually like this more than the spoiler.  Perfect timing with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner.

 Item Three:  Petite Etoile Necklace

–     I have an opinion on this necklace that many may disagree with.  I think this is more for someone not middle age, maybe teens or twenties.  That being said I do think it is lovely. I have the perfect superstar that I can gift this too at this weekend’s tournament.  It reminds me of the North Star, a Moral Compass and a Super Nova all in one.

–    Three pieces of this quality for $35 seems like a steal.  My favorite is definitely the Elyse and I probably would have paid $35 just for that piece, so I think this month is a huge win.

What do you think of the March Your Bijoux Box?



6 thoughts on “Your Bijoux Box “Happy Spring” March 2015 Review

    1. I have always been fashionably challenged. I love big sweatshirts and leggings, so not stylish. However, I have found that clothes can really make you feel good about yourself and accessories help. I am very minimal but one piece goes a long way….even occasionally in Florida, lol 🙂

      1. A huge closet of clothes and I am 99 % of the time in a swimming suit under shorts, sleeveless top and flip flops! HA!HA! A very good fiend of mine is in expensive jewelry everyday and does not care how hot it gets. I just laugh at her. Some love shoes, others clothes, etc. Me- its flip flops all the way.

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