Making Monday Marvelous

Today is a marvelous Monday because:

–    Starbucks Tiramasu latte is back and I need to get out and try it.

–     I am watching the little ones love on some Red Velvet Oreos.  They were finally marked down at our local store.

–     I was fit for Invisalign, after some not so pleasant dental work that included filing down some of my teeth.  Even though my face felt like a chipmunk for about five hours, I am so excited to finally be straightening my bottom teeth.  I had no idea what to expect today.  For some reason we had to keep re-doing my bottom impression.  I felt so bad, it cost the dental office $25.00 each time they had to do the impression again, and it took us five times before they felt comfortable sending it out. At least they were thorough.  I go back in six weeks to get the bonds and fitted.  Will keep you all updated.  My top teeth are straight but my bottoms needed straightening.  Also, as I get older I wanted to make sure that I did not let my teeth slip. It only took 20 years to finally get my teeth fixed, lol.

–     Sam Schuerman (She sold a special Meme Box over the holidays) has documented her experiences with Invisalign; I may have to check it out and you can by clicking on her name.

–    The teachers and administrators I work with are constantly challenging me in terms of ideas and what the definition of a community truly means.

–     All my grades are due tomorrow as I transition from the second to third sessions. The good news, I only have one class to finish grading, the bad; my brain feels like it is about to explode. I am reading brief after brief as I try to develop ideas for our final Speech and Debate topic of the season:  RESOLVED: Just governments out to ensure food security for their citizens.  I am reading more about libertarianism, Rawls, Nozick, Mills, the WTO and FAO than I ever thought I would in a lifetime.  Also ran in to Positive and Negative rights as a philosophy.  My mind feels blown, cannot even imagine how my students feel.  Districts is this week so I will be busy, but will get back as soon as I can.

–     I am using GrubHub for the first time tonight and I have to say I am impressed, but think their prices are a little over the top.  I guess that is what you get for having great food delivered and no, I am not in my underwear.  So much easier when kids are younger and they may go crazy in a restaurant….well at least mine do.  I will put up some pictures later.

Hope your all having a great day.  I have still not received so many February boxes; it is pretty disappointing.  I know the storm has caused delays.  I leave for China a week from this Saturday and I hope that I will have them before I go. Looks like I may be blogging many February and March at the same time.



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