Sunny Simple Sunday-Letters

Disclosure:  This post contains a referral link (FabKids).

Dear Southern Weather:  You are bipolar.  We had a snowstorm that cancelled our last Qualifying Speech and Debate tournament for the year, and yet in the next two days it will be back in the high 60’s.

Dear Readers:  It is that time of month again for many subscriptions..opt out time.  I just went to Fab Kids and for the first time in months purchased an outfit for B.  I love their outfits, and if you click here you can get your first outfit for only $15.00 and free shipping.  Here is what I picked up, and I am looking at a few things for A as well.  I love the maxi dresses that are coming out for the spring.

Tribal Jumpsuit Outfit
B looks really good in one piece outfits.

Dear B:  You had a great speech therapy session this week with daddy and I could not be happier.  I think we are moving in a great direction.  I had so much fun painting with you yesterday and I absolutely love when you say that you are my girl…so true.

Dear Kate:  You are my other girl, and even though you are now an adult, I am counting down the days until I get to see you in May…painting again for your birthday?

Dear Husband:  I loved our Hello Fresh meal that you cooked yesterday, but cannot believe you almost did not cook the gravy or potatoes.  If we pay for it you probably should cook it right!  I know you hate potatoes, and you were onion-ed-out, but I wasn’t!  That being said, you came through and I thank you.

Dear Students:  All the mess with Common Core and AP testing and yet this speaks so true.

Dear Ellen DeGeneres: I just may have to start watching you.  Oklahoma passed a “Conversion Therapy Bill” this week in the House, making it legal, and your response was perfect.  See it here:

Dear Government (both State and Federal): you all continue to disappoint me on a regular basis.  I know you all want to get re-elected, but it would be nice if you could just do things because they are the right thing to do, not because it would get you re-elected.  Our kids need to be a priority…..what are you thinking?

Dear Speech and Debate Students:  It is District Time!  I would love some of you to make it to Nationals but it really doesn’t define you at all.  You all work so hard.  I hope no matter what happens you hold your head up high and know you rocked!

Dear China Crew:  One More Week!

Are you having a Sunny Sunday?



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