Ivy Kid Kits March 2015 “The Little Engine that Could”

Ivy Kids Kits
Cost:  $38.95 monthly
Shipping:  United States
Coupon:  Use Coupon Code IVY20 to receive 20% off your first box.

Opening our March Kit. She just gets so excited when her green boxes show up.

–     Ivy Kids is one of my four-year-old daughters all time favorite boxes.  As a working mom, I love coming home to these boxes on the weekend and having amazing, educational crafts and lessons that B actually loves to do.  If you have not heard of Ivy Kids here is their description:

Ivy Kids is a monthly educational subscription box for children ages 3-8. Our goal is to make every moment with your child “quality time.” Have the tools at your fingertips to ensure your child has a solid foundation in math, literacy, and science. Help your child build confidence and be well-rounded in all disciplines to ensure future academic success. The activities in the Ivy Kits have been created by certified early childhood teachers with children of their own.

Excited about her new conductor hat. Every Ivy Kids Kit comes with a personalized item..this month, a train whistle of course!

The March Kit Included:

  • The book The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper.
  • Read along Bookmark: Use to assist with reading comprehension.
  • Paint Your Own Locomotive: Use the paints to create your very own locomotive. Then have hours of fun playing with your train.
  • I Think I Can: Write and/or color about something that was hard for you but you were able to do it.
  • What Belongs on the Train: Sort and categorize the train cars. Find the objects that belong on each train.
  • Alphabet Train: Sequence the train cars in alphabetical order.
  • Number Train: Sequence the train cars in numerical order.
  • Shape Train: Use the shapes to create your own train.
  • All Aboard: Use the train engineer cap and tickets for imaginative play.
  • Train Whistle: Use your very own train whistle to summon passengers to your train.
  • Up The Mountain Board Game: Players roll the die and move the trains up the mountain.
  • Train Patterns:  Use the cards to repeat patterns or make your own train pattern.
  • Ten Frame Train Game: Players take turns rolling the die and adding tiles to the ten frame train cars.
  • How Does a Steam Locomotive Work?: Learn about the steam engine and how a steam locomotive works.

Here are some of the items we completed this weekend.  I love how my husband gets involved as well.

This month subscribers received a hard cover classic: The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper.

–     I was so happy this was a hard cover book, much more durable with little ones.

–     Anytime there is paint, this little lovely is beyond happy.  I did put cardboard down, but by the time we were done, she and mommy both needed a bath.

Our finished train, Hint: Do not have this dry on a napkin. As you can see, I am still peeling tissue paper off.

–     This picture sheet is very durable and I was hoping to have B color it with crayons, and then put her picture at the top and frame it.  She decided to grab the train paint and finger paint instead of color.  I did not stop her, she was having so much fun.  I still might go ahead and get the picture of her to glue on and hang it in her room.

–     Daddy and B talked about shapes and colors and put this lovely foam shape train together.  B really makes pictures unique, lol.

–     A surprised me late last night (he is not feeling so hot).  He is 2 and absolutely loved this book, more than his sister.  He flipped those pages for a good hour, back and forth and then this morning began the process over again.

–     I love Ivy Kids Kits and have been a believer since they began this service.  B’s grandmother pays for her subscription and I am so grateful.  I do not get compensated for this review, I just really believe in the product and the quality that comes out of the subscription.

What do you think of Ivy Kids?



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