Little Lace Box February 2015 Review

Little Lace Box
Cost:  39.99/monthly
Shipping:  United States
Coupon:  Click Here and use coupon code llb10 to receive your first box for only 29.99. Considering the value of the box is over $100, this is a great deal.

Disclosure:  This post contains referral or affiliate links.

I am not sure who posted this spoiler but I saw it on MSA.

February 2015 Box:  The lovers, the dreamers and me.

 –     LLB is a newer company designed by three stylish sisters with a mission.  In their own words:

Little Lace Box™ never holds back when it comes to delivering the goods. It’s your secret source for some of the hottest, newest, and most coveted designer items on the market that you won’t find on the shelves in your favorite trendy store. That’s because we’re dedicated to seeking out only the most talented and creative up-and-coming designers, whose products might not have even hit the market yet. Do you know what that means? That means you’ll be the very first to sample something amazing, something luxurious, and something all your friends will crave… of course, it’s up to you if you reveal your source. We promise not to tell.

–     Talk about a box creating a lot of drama.  Subscription boards blew up last night when the first spoilers were posted.  I did not have time to sit and read a bunch of comments, but I did get the gist:  many people were not happy with this box because “insert item” was not of their liking.  I am just going to throw this out here right now; I love this box.  I thought initially I was going to be a bit disappointed because I really wanted the earrings and thought I had received the bracelet when I first opened the box.  I did not realize the insert stated both items, and I immediately saw the bracelet first and assumed that was what I was getting.  Well I continued to open without reading, and inside were the earrings….(cheering on the inside).

–     My happiness aside, for those that do not have pierced earrings, here is a picture of the bracelet being sent out.  I have to say it is actually quite lovely, just not my style.

–     When I took the time to read the insert, I had another surprise.  I saw the spoiler picture yesterday, and I do not know if I am just thick, but I thought that the “Tub Truffles” were actually real chocolate.  I was actually disappointed that there was not truffle goodness inside my box, but then I opened the fudge and my craving was satisfied.  LLB is quickly becoming my favorite month to month subscription box.

–     Due to the weather across the country, my box arrived a little later than usual (2/27) but still in the correct month.  I have several February subscriptions that are going to arrive in March.  As you can see the box was banged up a little bit on the outside, but everything was perfect inside.

–     LLB has some cute packaging, not overly fancy but still attractive looking.  I do have to watch that my little ones do not get a hold of the paper strands in the box.  Lets just say in the past I learned that my kids think they are edible 😉

Item One:  Stud Earrings by Whitley Designs (Retail: $54.99)

–     The sisters joke that while they could have sent us one, instead they sent us a couple of “studs”.  I love these earrings and think they would go great with jeans and a t-shirt or something a bit classier.  For those that indicated that they did not have pierced ears, the sisters sent out a Kitsch Dream Bracelet ($31.99).  The earrings just about made this box for me.  Whitley is also owned by two sisters and they have beautiful products.  I especially like their stone earrings.

Item Two:  Tub Truffles by CeeCee&Bee (Retail:  $18.99)

–    I wish I had a picture of the spoiler picture where I first saw these.  They really did look like real truffles.  My picture shows you the powdery texture, but they kind of still look good enough to eat.  They smell strongly of lavender, which I love for its calming properties.  Lavender is often great if you have sensitive skin.  To use, they recommend crumbling the tub truffles under running water before sinking into tub truffle paradise.  They tied in to the theme as an item that would lead to sweet dreams.  I do not take baths, so I am wondering if I can use these as a shower bomb…will let you all know later.

Item Three:  Original Goat Milk Hot Fudge by Beekman 19802 (Retail:  $12.99)

–     Beekman was the company that brought subscribers the “Fruit Spoon” in the January Dining Cart box.  I really find their items to be unique and well made.  Goat Milk Hot Fudge is a novel idea, as those who have tried goat milk may find it unappetizing; that is not the case with Beekman’s fudge.  I received the orange chocolate, which would not have been my first choice but, that being said, I will eat this whole thing.  Even my kids loved it.  I have to say I have become a huge fan of the Beekman brand, and I just may have to pick up the Mexican and Coffee Fudge, along with a few other items.

This fudge is very thick and rich…yum.

Item Four:  Pink Arrow Stationary by P. Press Papers (Retails $12.99) and,     Bonus Item: Hula Bliss Goat Milk Lotion by Dancin’ Goat Skin Care.

–    The stationary paper was in honor of Noah and Allie, from the wonderful love story, The Notebook.  The sisters dream “that they would one day fall so in love that even the thought of eventually losing the memory of that love….would make it a love worth having.”   The idea behind the stationary is to make writing letters to those you love a habit for life.  I already have plans to leave little love notes around for my husband and kids.

–     I could not price the Goat Milk Lotion and I was not a fan as it had a strong after smell.  It was not horrible, just a little stronger than I would like.  It does hydrate, which was the reason it was added as the bonus.  The sisters know that everyone is ready to move past winter.

–     I absolutely love the thoughtful curation in all of the Little Lace Boxes that I have received so far.  There are still no subscriptions available for this box, and for a time there were annual subscriptions available. Recently I am getting reports that the annual subscriptions are now sold out as well.  It is real hit or miss in terms of being able to get a subscription.  You can get on a waiting list and I would recommend you do so as soon as possible; this subscription has become very popular.  With a box value of over a hundred when you can get the first box for $29.99, you would be crazy not to give this sub a try.  Next month’s theme is “Here Comes the Sun” in honor of winter ending.  “In March, you can expect special items for the mind, body & soul…and we’re sure that, even if it’s cloudy when your box arrives, the lovelies inside will be just the thing to brighten your day!”

Click here and type llb10 to receive your first box for $29.99.




2 thoughts on “Little Lace Box February 2015 Review

    1. I didn’t mind it. Last month’s blew me away and it was going to be hard to top it, so I guess I was ready for something a little less. Glossybox is killing me though. Still no February box and the March box looks so not Glossy.

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