Sunny Simple Sunday 2/22/15

–     Today is not a sunny Sunday down South as we are getting a bit of snow…I am not complaining because it has been great cooking weather.  I have been fundraising like crazy for my China crew and my Speech and Debate team.  Currently we are selling Pampered Chef and we had our first party yesterday.  It was beyond fun.   I also, have continued to purchase Hello Fresh and I made this wonderful Seared Sweet Italian Sausage with Warm Orzo Salad yesterday before the show.  It was amazing.  I really can’t praise this service enough, as my family is learning new recipes and eating their Veggies with a smile.

Hello Fresh
In the skillet, it smelled so amazing.
My favorite Pampered Chef consultant demonstrates a beautiful desert. This lady knows so much about food and she is just lovely inside and out.

– My group leaves for China in a few weeks and we are really getting excited. We
have been studying currency, the place we are going to visit and just common phrases in Chinese.  Our biggest victory so far is that our Visa’s finally came in; this process was beyond scary.  Now that we have them, we are pretty much all set and just finishing up the final touches.  I spent this week creating T-shirts for the group that say “I Visited the Great Wall of China 2015” with a gorgeous picture of the Great Wall in the background.  We will be visiting Beijing, Shanghai and Xian.

The hardest process is now over.

Here is hoping you all are staying warm on this not so sunny day.




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