Your Bijoux Box February 2015 Review

your bijoux box

Your Bijoux Box
Cost:  $35.00 monthly
Shipping: United States and Canada
Coupon: Use coupon code HEARTS to receive your first box for $17.50 on a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

UPDATE:  We are in the process of fixing these photos.  Apologies.

When you open up the box there is very lovely packaging with a cute message.

–     Your Bijoux Box is a monthly subscription service that offers two to three pieces of jewelry (and occasionally a bonus fourth piece) for $35/monthly. I have received a few boxes, and so far I have yet to be disappointed. 

–     This month’s theme was Happy Valentine’s Day and offered a beautiful selection of both classic and romantic jewelry.  Each box comes with a description card that details each piece and how to wear it.

Item One:  Charlotte Pearl Collar

–     The Charlotte Collar was the spoiler for this month and it is stunning. I really think this piece captures the romantic feeling that this box offers.  My picture came out a bit blurry so I wanted to make sure that you could see the piece and all of its detail (this picture is from Your Bijoux Box).  The collar absolutely makes me love this box, but when they said there would be a fourth piece as a bonus for customers, my love grew a bit more.

Item Two:  Isabella Studs (Bonus Item)

–     As a Happy Valentine’s gift, Your Bijoux Box sent this lovely pair of earrings out to subscribers.  I actually think you can wear these with the collar for a night out…I am thinking Opera with husband.

Item Three:  Isla Pendant

–     I was not expecting this item, but it really is lovely, my picture does not do justice.  The Isla Pendant is a boho type piece with a gold and diamond design.  The chain is what really sells me on this item, as it allows you to wear this almost down to mid-waist if you choose, there is a lot of room for length.  I love long necklaces so this was a win for me and it looks lovely on.

Item Four:  Pave Bar Necklace–     The Pave necklace is another gold necklace with a long chain that can reach almost to your waist depending on your height and the setting.  Although I love long necklaces, this is not my favorite design.  I just couldn’t get in to it.  My husband actually liked it quite a bit, I may have to wear it for him.

–   Overall, I really enjoyed this months Your Bijoux Box.  Three of the four items are exactly my style, and I am looking forward to wearing them out. I cannot get a price estimate, but if you do a breakdown, each piece would be a bit less than nine dollars to meet the value that was paid.  If you look in their shop, their pieces often retail for double that cost after the boxes go out, so I would say this is a good value.




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