Sunny Simple Sunday-Life Letters

Dear Kev:  I am so excited that you are going to the college I went to, and on a Full Scholarship for Business and Economics!  I cannot believe you filled out 17 scholarship applications.  Good Luck on your job interview tomorrow.

Dear Husband:  If our little ones do not start sleeping the night soon I think we may both lose it.  However, it was so nice waking up with you in the bed and no kids this morning.  Twice in four years….hopefully our bedroom will become ours again soon.

Dear B:  How you love it outside, and your latest obsession is dirt.  I was so unhappy with how your speech therapy appointment went this week.  Don’t worry I will be taking you to your next one and they will treat you in a way that won’t devastate your self-esteem.  If you work with kids you would think you would have a nice disposition.

Dear A:  Keep those smiles coming.  It is so good to see you so happy all the time.  I cannot tell you how much I love your air kisses.

Dear weather:  What is up with you?  Seventy degree weather during winter.  I am so not complaining, and loving every minute of the beautiful sunny days with my kids.  However, I hope you will be gentle with the heat this summer, a little nervous.

Dear me:  Try to have fun this week at the State Capitol with your students and at the Speech and Debate tournament this weekend.  I know you will miss your little ones terribly but you are very lucky to have such an amazing job.


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