Sunny Simple Sundays 2/1/15

–    It has been a very lazy weekend for us.  We played with our Ivy Kids Kit and watched one of my husbands favorite “older” series -Dead Like Me.  I actually am thoroughly enjoying the series and find myself sad because I know it only lasts two seasons.  I have been slacking on my reviews lately, and although I like to save Sundays for family items, I am going to show you what we did this weekend while giving you a glimpse into one of our favorite subscriptions; Ivy Kids Kits.   B’s grandmother purchases this subscription for us each month and I could not imagine weekends without this kit.  You can check Ivy Kids Kits out by clicking HERE.  They run an ongoing 20% discount off your first box for all new subscribers.  We have been subscribing since their second box.

The Panda was a HUGE highlight and Ivy Kids made the personalized necklace.

–     I was watching my very tired husband coloring with my 4-year-old B yesterday and realized how lucky I am to have married a man who is so good with a little girl.  She really is his princess.

Just a girl and her dad.
Ivy Kits typically sends 11-12 activities, all supplies and a story book each month.

–    Our Ivy Kids Kit arrived on 1/31 and this is the February Kit!  I love how punctual the company is each month.  I usually receive my kit around the 22nd but the weather held this one up a bit.  One of the  play-doh containers was opened as pictured above but, it was still useable.

Ivy Kids Subscription Kit

–     It really was a “cooking” month for subscriptions.  Dinner at the Panda Palace was the book of the month for Ivy and I love how they send a bookmark each month with suggested questions to ask your children as you read.   As you can imagine B loved the Panda stuffie that came in the box.

–   Our finished apron..I had to cut it off because my husband added her last name and I did not want to publish it for safety reasons.

–  Our finished chef’s hat.

–     We stuck food stickers to a menu and played Baileigh’s restaurant.  We even made play-doh food from the menu.  I loved how the stickers and the clay reinforced words for my daughter.

My foot made a special appearance for you all in this pic. I need a photography class and a new camera…thinking this summer.

Bonus Valentine’s stickers that we ended up using for our menu.

–     We completed several other activities from the Ivy Kids Kit and I would suggest you check out their page to see all the items included.  I know I say this like a broken record but it is true, kits like Ivy Kids truly help me have a lot of fun with my children without the stress of having to purchase and organize all the items.  Educators often put these kits together and they really help make learning fun.

Here is hoping your Sunday is as Sunny as ours, despite the weather 😉



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