Little Lace Box January 2015 “Dining Cart” Review

LITTLE LACE BOX™ Disclosure:  This post contains referral or affiliate links.

Little Lace Box
Cost:  $39.99/month
Shipping: United States (USPS Priority Mail)
Coupon: Use Coupon Code llb10 to receive $10.00 off your new subscription.

–     LLB is a newer company designed by three stylish sisters with a mission.  In their own words:

Little Lace Box™ never holds back when it comes to delivering the goods. It’s your secret source for some of the hottest, newest, and most coveted designer items on the market that you won’t find on the shelves in your favorite trendy store. That’s because we’re dedicated to seeking out only the most talented and creative up-and-coming designers, whose products might not have even hit the market yet. Do you know what that means? That means you’ll be the very first to sample something amazing, something luxurious, and something all your friends will crave… of course, it’s up to you if you reveal your source. We promise not to tell.

Photo Credit: Little Lace Box

–    I received the December and January boxes but waited to see if this company stayed consistent before posting a review. I decided to become an affiliate because I think there are few subscriptions out there that can consistently deliver this much value and quality each month.  I am not the only one that appears to feel strongly about this box, as the January box sold out, and when people rushed to obtain the February box, they crashed the site.  The December Box which you can see HERE was absolutely lovely, but any doubts I had were completely obliterated with the January Box “Dining Cart” which was a tribute to the show Downton Abbey as it begins its Fifth season. –     When I first received the box I had no Idea it was my LLB; the box was huge.  As you can see in the picture above, it was as big as receiving two boxes.  If you read this blog you know we have tea parties constantly as my four-year-old is a huge fan, so this box was received with much anticipation.

–     LLB normally sends out an information card but unfortunately I did not receive one this month.  I know it went out, I just think mine was missing.  Opening this box was just like receiving endless surprises.  I would grab something thinking that was it, then find another item.  I could not believe all the great products that were included.

Item One:  Siena Tea Service for One:  ($24) –     While we were waiting for our box to arrive I was pouring over other reviews and noticed the different colors.  I don’t know if it was picture discoloration in other reviews, but I know that my pot is lovely.  I received a light calming green and purple set. –     The top comes off to reveal a very pretty tea cup.  Perfect for tea and scones.  B has taken this tea service over so I may have to pick up a second service down the road.

Item Two:  Downton Abbey Hair Jewellery:  ($19.99) –     After receiving this item, I went online I found out that 1928, a jewelry company I have loved since I was young offers this line.  I spent a good hour pouring over all the jewelry.  I have long hair so these will come in handy, and they just are so formal.  I am a bit of a romantic/bohemian when it comes to style and these suit me well.  I even watched an episode on Friday and love the show.

Item Three:  Lucy B’s Roll-on Perfume Oil ($16.99)

Photo Credit: Little Lace Box

–     There were four variations that subscribers could receive in the January Box.  I received the Royal Green Fig & Vanilla Woods pictured below.  I can honestly say this is something I had never heard of, and would never had tried on my own.  That would be a shame because I love it! I have used this every day before work since I have received the box.  It goes on strong, but only takes a minute or two do calm down as it is absorbed.  I am very picky with what scents I will use, so this was a huge win for me.  I just may pick up the Royal Peony Rose version down the road as well.

Item Four:  How to be a Lady (Retail:  $16.99)

–     How to be a lady is a fun read.  So many of the items are common sense and yet so few people follow this type of etiquette in today’s world.  I particularly liked the sections on how to set different types of tables (with diagrams).  A bit seems outdated at times and yet there are a lot of hidden gems.

Item FiveRoyal Apothic Bubble Cream (Retail:  $18.99)

Photo Credit Little Lace Box

–     If you look at the LLB picture of all the items at the top, you can get an idea how large this bottle really is and the boxing is really lovely.  This may sound cheesy but you do feel pampered with the softness, scent and thickness of this bubble cream as you take a shower.  B and I are using it up quickly.  Royal Apothic has its own website and I enjoyed looking at their very lovely, luxurious products.

Item Six:  Beekman 1802 Authentic Hand-Forged Britannia Fruit Spoon  (Retail: $19.99)

Front-so dainty 🙂
The back engraving is lovely.

–     The weight of the spoon and the engraving make it very special.  I had no idea what this spoon was to be used for until I read the Beekman insert.  It is for eating fruit.  I think it is big enough to be used to serve fruit as well.

Item Seven:  Capital Bee Raw Hand Cut Honey (Retail:$17.00 12 0z)

Photo Credit: Little Lace Box

–    The taste of this honey is exactly what you would want to serve to guests on bread or with their tea.   I could not find retail of the smaller size but for 12 ounces (this is about 1/3 of that) it runs $17.00.  My husband and I have received several honey samples in subscriptions and we both agree that this is our favorite hands down.  I will be purchasing more of this  in the near future. –     The January Box Dining Cart Box has an estimated value of around $122.95.  Considering you can receive your first box with coupon for only $29.99, this box gives you almost $100 worth of items for free. The February Box theme has been announced and I cannot wait to see what the sisters pick next.

 “The Lovers, the Dreamers and Me” will be a box for those of us who are still searching.  And a box for those who’ve found it.  We heard that when we find that special person, we’ll know, because together we’ll fill in the missing colors in each others’ lives.  Is that the connection? Don’t know, but it sounds like a pretty good place to start…

The Lovers, the Dreamers and Me” will include hidden gems for you AND your home.

–     I have a definite list of my top three subscriptions and this box may just hit my all time favorite.  I have no idea how these ladies are pulling off this type of quality, creativity and value, especially since they are a  newer service.  I am sending out appreciation, respect and awe, and hope that they keep going strong. What do you think of Little Lace Box?  The February Box sounds amazing, and perfect for Valentines. Click Here and use coupon code llb10 to receive $10.00 off your first month.  If they sell out of subscriptions, they sometimes offer annual subscriptions at a reduced price.


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