What I am thinking Wednesday….

On this wonderful Wednesday, I am thinking about……

  • The State of the Union address last night.  In theory everything sounded wonderful, but with the gridlock in Congress is any of it a reality?  Should we hold Congress accountable for allowing politics to become more important then the people in this country?

  • Car Insurance!  Trying to settle my husband’s car accident and believe I have a bit of fight a head of me.
  • My beautiful children.  Some days I am astounded at how lucky I am.  Grateful today for healthy, wonderful kiddos.

  • Education.  I just finished reading this article about the worst education states in the US.   I am so disheartened to see my state there, but I am not surprised.  I sometimes wonder how we as a country can deny adequate educational opportunities to some school districts over others….segregation still feels real.  Please stop blaming teachers and Common Core…look at the funding!
  •  Popsugar Must Have is sold out for February!  So glad I have a subscription.  I will be reviewing the January Box this week.  Loved it!

–  Here is to a wonderful Wednesday for all!



One thought on “What I am thinking Wednesday….

  1. Hi Jenny, as you I watched part of the President. I had to walk away.Having Educators in my Family I fully grasped what you mean! I dislike Car Insurance Companies to the max. Fight you’ll be the forerunner! Children are the best thing in life! Your Florida BB (Blogging Buddy) Cheryl.

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