Sunny Simple Sunday Life Letters 1/17/15

Dear Readers:  The theme of many subscription services this month must be food.  As I am getting boxes in, I noticed how many are centered around cooking.  Kiwi Crate this month is Baking, Ivy Kids Kits is Dinner at the Panda Palace, Little Lace Box is Dining Cart and Kidstir which is always about cooking was themed Soups.   I am not complaining, just think it is kind of funny in a good way.  We are so in love this month with Hello Fresh as well.

Ivy Kids Subscription Kit

Dear Family:  I think our stomach virus crisis is now over.  I could not believe it when I came home late Thursday night after Parent-Teacher Conferences and found everyone sick. By Friday I no longer felt left out.

Dear Beachbody Coach Kim:  The best change I have made this year so far is actually taking 10 to 30 minutes to work on personal development each day.  My first book-The Confidence Gap has been an amazing eye opener.  I plan to read a book on Emotional Intelligence next.

Dear B:  I enjoyed making bread with you today and how cool was it that we received this months Kiwi Crate as we were baking. I had no idea it would include a chefs hat and an apron but we quickly jumped on it.

Waiting for the bread to rise, we found these in our just delivered January Kiwi Crate…how cool is this.
One of our finished loaves. This one was raisin cinnamon challah bread.
Working on our apron and Chefs hat.

Dear Hello Fresh:  I honestly do not know how or why I lived without you for so long.  I hate cooked vegetables my whole life, and you changed that with your magnificent recipes. I will miss you the next two weeks but we will be returning soon.

Hello Fresh has definitely given my husband and I a new perspective on healthy eating.
Hello Fresh Shrimp and Chorizo Soup. We will be making this again soon.

Dear Paris:  I miss you, everything about you.  I am desperately trying to figure out how to replicate my French Onion Soup experience and just found the cutest bowls here.

Dear Kevin:  I was so impressed that you desperately wanted to go to school this week despite being terribly sick with a about grit.  I think you just may be college ready yet.

Dear Kyle and Kaitlyn:  I really miss you guys beyond words sometimes.

Dear Jake:  I will never tell you this, at least not now, but I love when you ask me for help with your school work.  I also think your fitness obsession right now is amazing.

How are you spending this wonderful Sunday?



2 thoughts on “Sunny Simple Sunday Life Letters 1/17/15

  1. Greetings Jenny, love the chef’s hat and apron absolutely precious! My family and friends who are here visiting from Out of State for the 3 day weekend. The super Dad’s took our 5 and their 3 to Epcot Center in Orlando. I love hearing their excitement when they call me (which has been often). They should return home tonight sometime. Donna and I (we are college friends) are just enjoying the peace and quiet, walking on the beach, and of course chatting away! They live in South Carolina. Donna is from Florida. That’s about it for now. Keep blogging my friend. Cheryl

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