Kiwi Crate January 2015 “Let’s Bake” Review and Coupon

Photo Credit: Kiwi Crate

Disclosure:  This post contains referral links.  Qualitytimes7 pays for this subscription and the reviews are all my own.

Kiwi Crate
Cost: $19.99 monthly
Shipping:  United States and Canada
Coupon:  Click Here for 50% off your first month using my referral link.  It is automatic bringing your crate down to $10.00 for the first month.  This will start a subscription so you will need to cancel if you wish to discontinue.


–     Our mailman handed us personally our Kiwi Crate and Koala crate on 1/17 and as usual everything was packed securely without any visible signs of distress.


–     Kiwi also provides a monthly reading list on their monthly blog to go along with each activity.

IMG_1400 IMG_1401

–    When you open the box there is Kiwi each month ready to go on an adventure.  The second picture is exactly what my box looks like when opened.

IMG_1402 IMG_1403

–     As I begin to lift off layers, I found explore magazine which offers several other activities for you and your little one to do after your crafts are over and I also found our first activity:  My Frosted Cake.


–     One of the best features of this crate is the amazing picture directions that walk you step by step through the activity.

IMG_1405 IMG_1406

–     The second activity (which we chose to do first)  was my chef dress-up.

B modeling her pre-colored hat and apron.


–     I loved this activity probably even more than B did.  We were baking bread when our Kiwi Crate arrived, so while the dough was rising we colored our apron and hat.



–     It was very easy and did not require much parental involvement or mess.  Kiwi provided metallic crayons and baking stickers.  You affix the sticker and then color over it and around.  B had a blast but did not want to take another photo.  You can see the pink grape sticker above.  I wrote B’s name on her chefs hat and we colored all around it.

Talk about great timing 🙂

–     We made the cake today and she was asking from the moment I woke up to start it.  I did have to remind her the frosting was not real.  I have two hints for you all…first, you do not need to make a real cake.  My husband and I were a bit confused at first.  Kiwi provides the sponges below with a mess mat and the frosting bags and decorations.  My second hint is that the stickers (the white tabs for the bottom of the sponge) do not stick well, and you could use more than one on each piece.  On one hand it was hard because the sponges moved for us, but on the other I was able to much easier frost the sides with mobility.  It really is your choice.

IMG_1421IMG_1422IMG_1425–     Our cake is now drying for 24 hours and then it should be good to play with.  The frosting is a clay but it sure looks real.

–     Overall, I think this was one of the best Kiwi Crates yet.  The timing was perfect, and my daughter had so much fun.  As usual, the craft supplies were convenient and of great quality.  I purchased a year for B during the holidays and truly recommend this for anyone that wants to spend quality time with the loved ones.

What do you think of Kiwi Crate?


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