Sunny Simple Sunday…Life Letters

Dear Me:  You are way too busy!  Yesterday I thought you were going to drop tired of exhaustion, slow down a bit and get some sleep!

Dear Speech and Debate team:  You guys rock!  I was so worried that we would not hold our own against the powerhouses across the state, boy was I wrong.  Could not be prouder.  We have broke all our records so far this year.

Dear A:  Anytime I go away for work and come back you give me the cold shoulder for about ten minutes.  I did not know 2-year-olds did this, but you come around very quickly and I love the kisses.  PS:  Finding you in the closet with your turtle light is way too cute.

Dear B:  Is it just me or are you looking so much older lately.  The baby is leaving your face quickly and the little girl is emerging….I really wish it would slow down.  I am ever impressed every day how patient you are with your crazy little brother.  Considering you are four, I could not be more proud.  PS:  Watching you sing the My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks songs around the house with your microphone is so much fun for me and your dad…you are beyond adorable.

Dear Kev and Jake:  Thanks for stepping up and watching your little siblings while I was off in the debate world this weekend.  The pizza last night was my thank you gift, even though I didn’t say it.  I really hit the jackpot with you guys.

Dear Husband:  We are not so hot together when we are both exhausted and yet after our snippy moments we seem to come back together strong.  I am going to do everything in my power to find some alone time for us soon.

Dear Kait:  Get your phone fixed and call your mother…she does worry.  PS:  Your BoCandy box should be arriving soon.

Dear Ky:  Happy 19th Birthday!!!!!  We miss you sarcastic wit around the house and I happen to know your little sister misses you as she asks about you almost daily.

Dear Mom and C:  Hoping your cruise is amazing.


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