Influenster Dry Spray Box Free Box!

Cost: Free
Coupon:  N/A

Disclosure:  This post contains a referral link.

–  Yesterday I received my second Vox Box campaign from Influenster- the Dry Spray Vox Box.  I first came across this site after reading an awesome review by another blogger.  She was sent the Keurig Vox Box and received a free Keurig to review.  Green with jealousy I ran to the site and signed up and have so far had a lot of fun with Influenster.  If you would like to become an Influenster and receive free boxes click Here for my invitation.

Items included in the Dry Spray Box

–     Influenster purports to be a community of trendsetters, social media hotshots, and educated consumers who give opinions of products and experiences and all are invited to the party.  After joining (for free) you will be eligible to review Vox Boxes.  They notify you by email that one is on its way.  When you sign up you will fill out a survey and they will fit you to the right items based on your responses.

–  My first Vox was a Vidal Sassoon Box, and included shampoo, conditioner and a heat activated protector.  In my second box I received a Full Size Degree Dry Spray.  I am not big on aerosols but, I do find it amazing that it will keep you dry in the toughest conditions for 48 hours.  I have never had a deodorant last that long.

–  In case you are wondering, I have not received any spam from Influenster, and I write as truthfully as I can.  I know some may say you are automatically biased when you receive a free item but I think I can judge whether I will purchase something again or not and let my readers know.  I have been very honest with my reviews and yet Influenster still send items to me, so honesty does not seem to be an issue.  Free is good right?

–     J


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