Making Monday Magnificent 12/29/14

     Today is yet another magnificent Monday because:

  • I am still on Winter Break and loving all this time with my kids.  My house is actually getting caught up and we are making wonderful nutritious meals.  I swear if I can afford it I am going to buy Hello Fresh for a whole year!
  • I started my 21 day fix group today.  We are working on the “getting to know you” phase and start the workouts and food plan next week.  I am actually getting a bit excited. I leave for China in March and would love to lose 20 Lbs before then.
  • We are finally getting my SUV back today after my husband’s accident and he is healing slowly but surely.
  • I am starting to get caught up on my reviews and have some great ones coming out.
  • I have the cutest roller derby kid.

  • I think bronchitis is finally on the way out of my house.
  • I absolutely loved watching The Hundred-Foot Journey last night with my dad, but I think I am a chef at heart and anything by Spielberg and Oprah is a win in my book.

The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014) Poster


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