Verbal Fancy Box December 2014 Review

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Cost:  $39.00 plus $7.95 shipping/Monthly
Shipping:  Worldwide (FedEx)
Coupon:  N/A


IMG_1321_1–     My husband asked for Verbal Fancy Boxes for the holidays so I happily keep purchasing them (it gives me a chance to review) and he is so happy when they arrive.  You can see my November Verbal review by clicking HERE.

–     Fancy Box is a monthly subscription where you can choose a curator that is well known within a certain niche.  Right now I also purchase the Coco Rocha Fancy Box  and you can see my October review Here and my December review HERE.
–   My husband has been a fan of Verbal since high school, Verbal is part of a band called the Teriyaki Boyz.  My husband actually showed me some of his CDs.  I looked them up on YouTube and surprisingly I really enjoyed his videos, very stylish and a lot of fun.  Verbal is quirky and eccentric and you never really know what your going to get in these boxes.  Honestly, these are definitely geared toward men but I do love watching him unbox.IMG_1327_1–     Fancy boxes come in their own unique box.  The packaging is minimum but everything so far has been in great condition.

Item One:  I ___ you T-shirt.  (Retails $22 but you can get it 70% right now for $6.60 at Fancy).

My husband even was willing to model 😉

 Item(s)  Two and Three:  Two Gun Combs (Retails $15 but on sale now for $4.50).
–     We received two gun combs which was strange because we received an insert saying we were getting a Steve McQueen book.  My husband kept one and gave one as a gift.

Item Four:  Boot and Shoe Lacing Purple Laces (Cannot price)IMG_1324_1–      We were wondering what the heck we are going to do with purple laces and then yesterday we had a shoe lace emergency.  The problem though was that these laces are not very long and we could not even lace a kids sneaker fully.  I was very disappointed in this item and felt that Fancy was just trying to get rid of extra items.  Could I see Verbal wearing purple laces, sure.  Would Verbal approve of this product, probably not.

Item Five:   Miniature People Set (Retails: $15.00).IMG_1322_1  –     It is fun taking photos with the little people but they are very hard to get to stand up.  I could not actually find a price for this set so they may retail slightly higher because the come with a Fancy crate.
–     In terms of value, this crate retailed under the price of what we paid.  I am still not too impressed and hope Fancy gets its act together soon because they are going to lose subscribers.  As for my husband, he is very happy, which was the point of the purchase.  If he wants to keep giving this box a chance, I will keep purchasing.  I really would like to see Fancy put together uniform theme boxes from these curators with inserts.


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