Sunny Simple Sundays

–     Glass Blowing, holidays on an Indian Reservation, my dad in from Florida, beautiful flowers from my husband, snow in the South-all just a few marvelous parts that made this whole week fantastic.

Glass blowing with my Kevin (Mom-son bonding time).  I am always looking for creative ways to bond with my teenage sons.   There is a reason I chose quality time for the name of this blog, it means so much to me.

Kevin heating up his glass.
My snowman. My former student is helping me make my hat.
Kevin loves burgers so of course we had to stop at a local restaurant with great food!
Our finished products, sans scarves.
Beautiful orchids from my husband.
First snow of the season (and I am in the deep south). It is actually warmer up north right now. B is in complete awe.

I did get most of the items off of my holiday list and our lady bug trampoline was a big hit with B.
My dad is in from Florida and his little princess is adoring. He goes back tomorrow and will be missed.

2 thoughts on “Sunny Simple Sundays

  1. He lives in Fort Myers which is perfect because he loves to golf and we have other family members down there. I think we will be heading out there for a few weeks this summer with the family with an impromptu trip to Disney 🙂

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