Friday Letters 12/26/14

Dear my children:  I know you had a great holiday and I hope you know that it is so much more than what you get.  I hope you find the season amazing because of the giving spirit in others and yourself, and that you recognize how important it is to respect the faith and beliefs of others while finding your own way. Love you all to the moon and back.

Dear Readers:  Thank you for being patient as I have slacked a few days to focus on family.

Dear Dad:  I am so happy you are here from Florida.  You really helped me get through the holidays and are ever the generous man.

Dear Mom:  I missed you terribly this holiday but I know I get to see you in three months!  I am so glad you loved your necklace.

Dear Husband:  You have been so amazing with me being down with bronchitis and then to have to deal with me on steroids lol.  We have been so busy these past few days, hoping for some down time with you soon.

Dear Kaitlyn:  I need a Katie fix, and I missed you terribly this holiday; our first not together!  We have to plan something and soon.

Dear Kevin:  Our glass snowman are cool!!!!

Dear Ayden:  Your smiles yesterday really melted my heart.  You really are an awesome kid and so great with your little sister.

Dear me:  Don’t forget to breathe and take care of yourself.  It is okay to not be perfect, especially with seven kids.



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