Coco Rocha December 2014 Fancy Box Review.

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Coco Rocha Fancy Box
Cost:  $39.00/monthly plus $7.95shipping
Shipping:  Worldwide via Fed Ex
Coupon:  N/A

–     Fancy Box is a monthly subscription where you can choose a curator that is well-known within a certain niche.  Last month I reviewed the Verbal Box, which is tailored to those that love the quirky and eccentric, not to mention very fashionable Verbal.  You can see my review for the November Verbal Box by clicking HERE or you can see the review for my October Coco Box by clicking HERE.

–     So I am having a difficult time finding the words to explain my appreciation and deep disappointment with the December Coco Rocha Fancy Box.  The day before I received my box I read another bloggers review (Girl Meets Box) of her December Coco Box and I was ecstatic.  She received such an awesome box of items I could use for my upcoming trip to China.  Her box appeared carefully curated with a technology theme.  I even wrote one of my parents that I think I am about to receive a hub that connects four USB ports and a Pebble back up charger.  You can imagine my surprise when my box came in without an insert and with items that I have seen in other bloggers Mystery Boxes.  I felt so duped.  But here is the dilemma, look at these item and their values.  I may have had my heart set on the other box but I do appreciate two of the three items below.

Item One:  Pipe Earphone with Mic in Sunset Gradient (Value:  $60.00)

–   These headphones are amazing and are SOLD OUT everywhere.  Check out their features: Ergonomic, light weight in-ear housing with a tactile finish, Angled 3.5mm gold plated stereo plug, 3 Button in-line Microphone with call/music/volume control, Integrated tangle-free Y Connector,Soft, light-weight, color graded 2mm cables, 3 sets of silicone ear buds for a custom fit, 9mm in-ear driver delivers natural, detailed, full-spectrum sound quality.  Yellow would not be my first choice, but why not?  This item alone pays for the whole box and more and I could see Coco finding these fashionable.

Item Two:  Skeleton Mechanical Watch by TKO Orlogh (Value:  $125.00)

   –    The value on this watch is amazing but I was just so surprised to see it since I saw it in another blogger’s  Womens Fancy Mystery Box back in April (Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom–you will have to type in April Fancy Mystery Box).  Despite it being a repeat,  it is a lovely watch and I will wear it.

Item Three:  Spiked Ring by Han Cholo (Estimated Value $70)

–     This particular ring was also given out in past boxes and I am estimating its value based on what others on the Fancy site said.  The ring to me is not something I would wear but I could possibly gift it.  It does not fit me and I will be asking Fancy for an exchange.

–     I think that this box is actually a win since I really like two of the three items and the values are insane, however, I had my heart set on the other box which was more practical for me and seemed like something Coco would have curated.  Despite the different items I would buy this box again, especially if they are willing to exchange the ring.

What do you think of the December Coco Rocha Fancy Box?



5 thoughts on “Coco Rocha December 2014 Fancy Box Review.

  1. Hey!
    I know the box with the pebble charger etc that you are talking about and I got the same one instead of the normal iJustine box! I’m still waiting for my coco box in the mail but it should be here tomorrow and I’m just hoping I get this one and they aren’t sending the same box for different subscriptions!

    1. I am glad you like this one! I hope you get it as well but I am wondering if this is a “random” month. I did contact customer service and I am awaiting a reply. We received Verbal too and I will have that up hopefully tomorrow. My husband loved that box but it had repeats as well.

  2. Hiya!
    Im so jealous of your december box, mine was to put it lightly terrible o.O
    I got the headphones but i also got a tiny change tray and a candle that smells like pipe tobacco.
    Even with a closed box it smells, lots! XD

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