Koala Crate and Coupon December 2014 Review

Koala Crate
Cost:  $19.95/monthly
Ships:  United States and Canada
Coupon:  To receive $10.00 off your first click just click here and sign up!!!

Disclosure:  This post contains referral links.

  –     If you follow my blog you know we are a huge fan of Kiwi Crate and have been subscribers for going on two-years now.  I swear my daughter has radar and knows when her box is coming.  Recently Kiwi announced the expansion of their family to include three new crates:  Koala, Tinker and Doodle.  The chart above breaks down the age groups and gives you an idea of what is in each cart.  I purchased B a years worth of Kiwi for the holidays but I had to see what Koala was all about and I am glad I did.  I realize that I am reviewing the November crate, but that is the crate that was sent to us for this month.  I noticed that the company does sometimes deviate in who receives what box.  This months (at least for us) Koala theme was Imagine Colors and included the following:

IMG_1170_1–    As always the products are in great shape and ready to go. There were several items in the box that really complimented a child’s journey with colors.  Our first activity was the “Color Scavenger Hunt”.

IMG_1174_1–     The idea behind this activity was to spread out the six different color windows and roll the dice.  Your child then goes and finds items that are the color of what the die landed on. My daughter B is four, and she had no interest in this activity because she saw the paint and crayons.  Painting is her all time favorite, which you can see in past reviews.  She and my two-year-old both loved rolling the die, and I have a feeling that we will complete this activity in the future.  Any time I receive an item that encourages movement while fostering education, I feel like that is a big win.


–     The infamous crayons and watercolors.   I know this is strange to say but due to the amount that we actually paint in our house I felt the brush for the watercolors in comparison to others was awesome. The paint spread on so smoothly and it was easy for B to grip.   The crayons and watercolors were for the second activity:  “Watercolor Banner”.

IMG_1176_1  –     I actually hung our banner up on a soon-to- be arts and craft wall.   I had B tell me what pictures to draw on the banners and then she painted over them.  They actually looked really cool and we had a blast figuring out what shapes we wanted on each flag and then what colors we should use.  She knows all her colors and shapes so this was just fun reinforcement.  IMG_1253_1

IMG_1255_1–    The little ones (A and B) and I created these cards together.  It was nice seeing B teach her brothers about each picture and the colors.  I had fun coloring with them as well.

IMG_1252_1–     So truth be told I did not want to like this crate as much as I did.  I do get Kiwi Crate and Ivy Kids each month, but I really liked the educational emphasis offered in this Koala Kit.  I did go to the site to see if I was going to miss a crate and they do have another sneak peak up.

Sample Crate: Transportation

  • Roll the truck over the magic fabric to create no-mess tire track paintings.
  • Experiment with rolling the truck down an adjustable ramp.
  • Create city streets for your truck with easy-to-use washi tape.

–    I am not sure if this will be the next kit I receive but I know a 2-year-old that would love it.  I think that Koala may be perfect for him so I will probably continue this subscription.

Click here to receive your first kit for $10.00 with my personal invitation.


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