Friday Letters 12/19/14

Dear Me:  Sometimes you are too sick to go to work and you need to get rest and get better so your family is functioning at full capacity again.  Bronchitis is one of those times.

Dear Husband:  What a week we have had and yet we are intact!  You rocked in the kitchen last night with that tenderloin.

Dear Students:  You touched me greatly with your gifts, wishes and the most awesome duel advisory feast.

Dear B:  Every time we go to the Orthopedic surgeon your scoliosis improves and it now looks like you may not have to have back surgery!  The last three  years may have been harder on Daddy and Mommy than  on you. We had to put that body brace on a barely walking toddler at first for 21 hours and you kept falling.  We went with our gut and tried to make you as comfortable as possible while seeking alternative methods.  I am still in awe that you only have to wear it for four hours now.  It appears that all that work has paid off.  You will always be our Leighleenator.

Dear Kyle:  Having you here is awesome and I will be sad when you go back to college after break!

Dear A:  We may have a bit of a road ahead of us depending on how your upcoming testing goes.  Either way, we will get through it together as a family.  Love you to the moon and back.

Dear J:  You are the coolest 14-year-old I know.  Your obsession with Psych and moisturizer is too cute (hope you don’t read this because I know I would get a huge eye roll).

Dear Kev:  Why do we always seem to get sick together?   We must get better by our mother-son date night.  Hard to believe in just months you will be graduating high school.  Everyone says it, but I truly feel it-Where does the time go?


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