French Box “Happy Holidays” December 2014 Review

The beautiful box within the box.

French Box
Ships to US only
Coupon:  Try coupon code FIRSTBOX to purchase your first box for $14.

The packaging really makes you feel like you are receiving a gift.
My December Box (minus the brow kit that was accidentally left out).

–     I did not think I was receiving this months French Box, but I am beyond grateful that I did since this is my favorite French Box to date.  I have become a bit nostalgic about my trip to France last month and I think it is incredible that I can receive French brands in a subscription service.  The packaging came in perfect condition and they include an insert that outlines all of your products.  I have to give French Box accolades for their presentation, gorgeous.


Item One:  Headband ($9)

IMG_1277_1  IMG_1282_1

–    My hair is the same length as the model in the photo above.  I think this style is very elegant and it would be a nice way to wear my hair to work. I need to purchase some bobby pins first though. The information card does not give a brand, so this may be a French Box original.  I think the head band and instruction card are my favorite items in the box!

  Item Two:  Lanvin Body Lotion OUD and ROSE Full Size ($24.00).

–     Rose is one of my favorite scents but many brands fail to find the right balance in lotion form.  Lanvin has created a scent that is understated but present in a lasting way.  I absolutely will wear this, probably every day for the next few weeks.  I should note that my skin felt moisturized and smooth after a single use.

Item Three:  L’Atelier Du Maquillage Eyebrow Maintenance Kit ($44.00).

–    As I get older, kits like this become necessary and much appreciated.  I have never had such a nice eyebrow kit and I have to admit it makes me feel stylish. Just this one item is $20.00 over the cost of the box.

Item Four:  Christmas Tree Ornament ($6.00).

–     What a wonderful reminder of my time in Paris, now commemorated on my Christmas Tree.

Item Five:  Sample Vial of A La Folie

–     What a lovely scent!  Mauboussin A La Folie is a floral-oriental fragrance perfumers signed by perfumers Benoist Lapouza and Delphine Lebeau. Its composition highlights a blend of sparkling and gleaming accords of champagne, sweet raspberry, rose petals and caramel. The fragrance is available in characteristic form of flacon with pink liquid but full size runs over $100.00.

Item Six and Bonus:  French Factory Delicacies ($6.00).

IMG_1285_1 IMG_1286_1

–     Delicacies packaged in a small container, what is not to love?  I thought these items rounded off the box well and as a bonus French Box included a Truffle Recipe.

IMG_1278_1–     I try to be honest with my readers so I want to share something with you all.  I did not review last month’s French Box because I had received some repeats from their first box which I had not previously received.  I was not pleased that their boxes were not uniform, and was not planning on continuing this subscription.  I received an email from their headquarters which explained that many people were not happy and they offered to send a replacement item for free.  I may have received this box instead of the replacement, I need to review my billing history. Even if I did pay for this box, I would not return it. Despite last month, they have made a full believer out of me again and I will probably continue to subscribe.  I really appreciate companies that care when their subscribers are unhappy.

-What do you think of French Box?



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