Hello Fresh: Shepherd’s Pie, Creamy Penne and Pork Tenderloin

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Hello Fresh
Cost:  $69.00 For 3 meals/2 servings weekly. (Larger meals are available for added costs).
Ships:  United States
Coupon:  Use Code PTQ3DY to receive $40 off your first order.  You will receive 6 healthy meals for $29.00.  Remember this is a recurring subscription that you must cancel if you do not want to receive meals each week.

–     My husband and I love to cook but we are always crunched for time, especially when you factor shopping for fresh ingredients and cooking for a large family.  I had my eye on Hello Fresh for awhile, and was so excited to receive a  $40 off coupon in another subscription box.   I am happy to offer my readers a coupon code that will also bring their first box down to $29.00, it really is a fantastic savings when you consider all that you receive.

–      Hello Fresh provides healthy ingredients, nutrition values, a recipe card with photo instructions and saves time and money for those with hectic schedules.  Our order typically arrives on a Thursday which works well because I like to cook over the weekends. I found the portion sizes very generous as the meals fed myself, my husband, and the two babies with plenty of left overs for lunch.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

This week we made the following:

Recipe One:  Caramelized Onion Shepherd’s Pie with Roasted Carrots and Brussels Sprouts.

–     I had never attempted Shepherd’s Pie before but it really was not difficult, although that may be due to all the ingredients being provided and the recipe card.  What surprised me most, the roasted vegetables were fantastic and all I did was add salt and pepper.  My husband and I both felt like chefs as we caramelized the onion and roasted the vegetables, something we had never done before.  I really think this may be a nice gifts for couples that are newer to cooking.   I did feel there needed to be a bit more potato then what was received but it may have also been the size pot I used to house the pie.  My husband and I both like the recipe and enjoyed our meal.

Item Two:  Creamy Penne with Chicken and Sun Dried Tomatoes

–     The Creamy Penne was hands down our favorite recipe in the bunch.  I actually saved the card because we are going to make this again.  I did make a small error in with the spinach but it still tasted amazing.  The sun dried tomatoes made this dish pop and it had a lovely creamy consistency.

Item Three:  Roasted Pork Tenderloin

–     Update:  This actually was my favorite meal of the three.  My husband cooked because I was down with bronchitis and the rice pilaf salad and the sauce for the tenderloin were amazing!!!!  I cannot recommend Hello Fresh enough.

We are making this for dinner tonight so I cannot report back yet.  My husband loves pork tenderloin so my guess is this will be received well.  Just to be fair to my readers, I will warn you that you will spend a good half hour to an hour cooking.  This is not a “someone else will do the cooking” subscription.  That is why I plan these meals around the weekends.  However, if you like to cook and want to learn healthier alternatives, these meals are for you.

What do you think of Hello Fresh?

–   J


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