Fate does appear to laugh at me…regularly

Herman Melville: Whatever my fate, I'll go to it laughing. fate. Meetville Quotes

–     Just when I think things will slow down, fate has a way of laughing at me.  Every day I am reminded how absolutely not in control I truly am, and how I just need to be able to go with the flow.  This week my 91 year old grandmother passed.  Her name was Maria, but we all called her Bella, short for Abuela.  Bella had given birth to sixteen children including my father (three died in childhood), was a devout Roman Catholic, and meant the world to me and so many.  She made the best arroz con carne that I have ever tasted and led to my pastelillo (spanish meat pie) addiction.  I have chosen to celebrate her life instead of mourn her passing because I know that is what she would want me to do. What is not to celebrate? Because of this one woman, so many lives have been created and touched.  I can only hope to see so many grand children, great grand children and even great great grand children in my future. 

–     The day after my grandmother passed (yesterday), my husband was hit by a drunk driver and ended up in the hospital.  After much worry, we have found relief.  His wrist is jammed and he tore some muscle in his stomach from the seat belt but he is alive and will recover quickly.  I can hear him snoring as I type this post, and it is hard to believe, but I am beyond grateful for the sound.  My car is not totaled and we should have it fixed shortly.  All I could do yesterday was just hug him, so grateful things were not worse.

–     Tomorrow I am going to attempt to take my two youngest for holiday pictures, today hair cuts.  Wish me luck, my two year old cannot stand getting his haircut, but I could probably put his hair in a pony tail right now if I wanted to. The last time we took him he only received half a haircut and I am still traumatized by how badly it went.

–     I am hoping to take a picture of the little ones in their holiday PJs by the fire place and then holiday outfits. Hoping is key as my son seems to have hit  his terrible twos with a vengeance.  B is wearing a version of the pjs pictured above. I am going to try to find A a Santa suit today like the one he wore below as a newborn.   If I am lucky, we may try to go see Santa afterwards.

–     In my product and box review world I have really fell behind.  I did not review around seven boxes last month.  I may still try to get them up for continuity purposes.  I  have been struggling to get a Memebox (the Rose Edition) I ordered in September.  They finally delivered it yesterday but I guess my son did not hear the door.  Going to try to get it redelivered today.  I will be reviewing two Quarterly boxes this month and two Fancy boxes as well.  The Pop Sugar Box looks amazing this month, I think it will be my favorite and I will put that up as soon as possible.  Kiwi Crate had such a great sale yesterday that I picked up a Koala crate for B and I have been keeping an eye on Little Lace Box and will be adding that this month.  I also will put up Setting the Holiday Scene Part Two:  Best Gifts For Kids and Teens.  It should be a very busy month.

Hope you all are rolling with your own curves on this bumpy road we call life.



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