Kiwi Crate “Discovering Dinosaurs” November 2014 Review

–      It was a cold gloomy day, no sunlight in sight.  So our family opened our Kiwi Crate, much to my four-year-old’s delight!
November 2014 Discovering Dinosaurs

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Kiwi Crate
Cost:  $19.99/monthly
Shipping:  United States and Canada
Coupon:  Right now your can save 60% off your first box by clicking here and typing in HOLIDAY60 at checkout.

–     Kiwi Crate is a once a month subscription service for kids ages 3-7 that provides themed arts and craft with a strong education experience.  I love coming home to this crate because I know my four-year-old and I are about to have a blast.  Kiwi offers many boxes for different ages and my coupon code above works for all boxes.


–     This month’s theme was discovering dinosaurs and included two crafts:  my dinosaur fossils and my dinosaur dress-up.


–     As usual everything was intact and the picture above is exactly how my box looked upon opening.


–     Kiwi always comes with the best instruction booklets, making all projects dummy proof.

–     Despite receiving some very rough news the night B and I put this together, I couldn’t help but smile as she pretended to be a stomping dinosaur all through the house.

My little B stomping around the house.

–     Our second project did not come out right, and two days later I received an email from Kiwi explaining that it was brought to their attention that the clay used for the dinosaur fossil project was too sticky after shipping.  They said anyone who ran in to this problem should email them and would receive a second dinosaur fossil clay pack that would be more user friend.  In only a few days we received our second project with two new clay packs.  This time we received blue and pink clay.  My daughter immediately had to have the pink clay to make a cupcake.  Our blue clay was used for the project the second time around.

–    Despite the initial clay mishap, we had a great time with this project and appreciated Kiwi’s quick response.  My daughter really just wanted to make items with the clay, but I was able to get this done with her and discuss bones, dinosaurs, and other new vocabulary words.   I did go ahead and purchase a year of Kiwi for B for the holidays.  I love having the convenience of these kits and we always have a great time.  In about six months I will need the sibling add on for A and it is only $9.95 to get a second set of all materials.  We are definitely a Kiwi Family.

What do you think of the November Kiwi Crate Discovering Dinosaurs?



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