Verbal Fancy Box November 2014

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Cost:  $39.00 plus $7.95 shipping/Monthly
Shipping:  Worldwide (FedEx)
Coupon:  N/A

–     Fancy Box is a monthly subscription where you can choose a curator that is well known within a certain niche.  Last month I reviewed the Coco Rocha Fancy Box, which is tailored to those that love the fashion world.  You can see my review for the Coco Box HERE.

Verbal Fancy Box

–     Fancy has many curators:  Coco Rocha, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kelly Rowland, T-Pain, The Rockettes, Snoop Dog, Nicky Hilton, and several more including a Fancy Food Box, Culinary Box and regular Fancy Mystery Boxes.

–     My husband loves Verbal, and during high school was a huge fan of the Teriyaki Boyz. During my Coco Review he asked if I would get him a few Verbal boxes for the holidays.  He even had a Teriyaki Boyz CD which I thought was pretty cool. I decided to begin his subscription in November, since I heard that it was usually a good month for boxes.

My husband took these photos.

–   Our Verbal Box arrived on 11/20 and everything was in very good shape, nothing broken or even dented. We received the following items:

Items One and Two:  iCookie Cutter (Reg $25 on sale now for $12.50) and Kikkerland Dring Dring Bike Bell Speedometer ($16).

IMG_0900–    I am the baker in the house, my husband is great with meats so if anyone is going to use the iPhone cookie cutter it will probably be me.  My husband does not ride bikes, although we have talked about changing that in the future.  He went ahead and gave the Dring Dring Bike Bell to our daughter for her Little Tikes truck and she loves it.  They also put the fancy stickers on her Princess truck and it looks pretty cute.

Items Three and Four:  Flying Bird Bag clips ($9) and Flyrider Trouser strap ($8).

IMG_0904–     The Bird Bag clips were a huge hit for me, not so much my husband.  I was raised in Buffalo, NY and the dove is a huge symbol of peace and a crime free city.  I love these bird clips because they remind me of home and peace, not to mention we never have enough bag clips.  My husband does roller blade so the wing trouser strap might work when he goes out, however, he did have fun putting it on our two-year-old and watching him run around the house.

Item Five:  Kikkerland Paper Pinhole Camera ($13)


DIY Pinhole Camera,Solargraphy Kit for Ages 12
Kikkerland Paper Pin Hole Optic as it looks put together. Image from Amazon.

–    Neither myself nor my husband had heard of these paper cameras.  He actually is pretty excited about trying this out.  I am looking forward to seeing the final product.

–   The value of this month’s box, including sales prices is about $58.50. I paid $46.96 for this box so it is not a huge value.  I was extremely disappointed with this box.  There was no information card, or theme.  I even contacted Fancy and they offered to replace an item for me if I sent one back.  The irony, my husband really enjoyed this box for the most part.  He said he does not consider this is a successful box, but it would not stop him from continuing to give Verbal a few more months.

What do you think of the Verbal Fancy Box this month?



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