Sunny Simple Sundays

The simple life on a restful Sunday.

–     What a week!  I have fallen a bit behind on posting here because of other obligations.  Today I plan to give my kids so much love and attention as I have been gone quite a bit this week and I leave for France on Wednesday.

Speech and Debate Team Trophy Nov. 2014

–     I took my students this Friday and Saturday to another Speech and Debate Tournament.  We came in first for Qualifying and Novice Debate and had a lot of second and third place qualifiers for speech events such as poetry, prose, extemporaneous speaking, and humorous interpretation.  Coaching is such a humbling experience, not to mention exhausting.  My students mean  a lot to me and it is great seeing them succeed or learn what sportsmanship is all about.

–   It is time for me to start packing.  I have the next few days off to make an early Thanksgiving with the kids and then I leave for five days on Wednesday.  My blog may have a bit of down time if I cannot get to a computer.  I promise there will be a lot of pictures when I get back, with some great stories and purchase ideas.

Yours on this Sunny Simple Sunday,



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