Bulu Box “Good Clean Fun” November 2014 Review

Bulu Box
$10 Monthly Subscription
Coupon Code: Type Code BULUGAN669 for a 50% discount on any subscription at checkout.  I am not sure when this expires so double-check to make sure your 50% discount is present.

Disclosure this post contains referral links.

–     Bulu Box is a great way to discover health, nutrition and weight loss products. Each monthly sample box is filled with 4 to 5 premium products selected to help you feel your best. Look forward to a new mix monthly for both women and men that include: vitamins, weight loss, energy, protein, digestion, sleep support, fitness DVDs, healthy food utensils and more.

–     Today (11/19), I received this month’s Bulu Box “Good Clean Fun.”  The box was in great shape and the items were not packed securely as you can see above, but everything was in pristine condition.  I actually appreciate that they do not go over board on their packaging.The box contained:

Item One:  Simple Being Daily Personal Vitamin Gummies.

Item Two:  DSpeed Fast-Melt Vitamin D3.

–     Both of these items were wonderful and much appreciated.  The gummies tasted great and include your daily value of Vitamin D, B-6 and B-12.  We already eat gummies in the house, but these taste so much better than any brand I currently purchase.  The DSpeed Fast-Melts also have an amazing peach taste.  I am actually vitamin D deficient, and I loved these so much I purchased 60 servings today.  DSpeed supports your immune system, and gives cellular health benefits.  I love that it is gluten, soy, dairy and preservative free.

Item Three:  Brightcore Nutrition Organic Sweet Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Item Four:  NeoCell Biotin Bursts

–     Sweet Wheat Grass are superfood capsules made of 100% pure wheat grass with no additives, fillers, or binders.  It provides high life-giving nutrients including daily vitamins, amino acids and more.  I could not try this powder because I have allergic reactions to some grass and flowers, and I did not want to take a chance.  My husband is happy to test it out for me.  On the other hand, I quickly grabbed the NeoCell and it tastes amazing.  It is a soft berry chewable that improves hair, skin and nails.  I actually purchased a month of Biotin as well, my nails definitely need a pick me up.

Item Five:  Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze in Raspberry Coconut

–     I was able to get a quick taste before my two-year-old swiped this and begged to eat it.  We ended up sharing and I immediately searched for the best price.  Munk Pack is actually hard to find, and Bulu right now may be the only place you can purchase.  I would like to try their blueberry acai flavor as well.  My kids and I love raspberry, so this was a nice healthy treat.  Munk Pack is a mix of whole grain rolled oats, flax and delicious fruit in a perfect on-the-go squeeze pouch.  They’re also a great source of fiber to help sustain energy.  They are gluten free and all natural.  I will be purchasing these for lunches, snacks for me and the kids.

My very blurry Supreme Bar picture 😉

Item Six:  Supreme Protein Accelerate Bar in Apple Cinnamon

–     I actually really liked this bar a lot.  Normally, I do not like apple in my bars but this had so many other ingredients that blended well.  Supreme bars claim to be a high protein source that will kick start your metabolism in the morning.  Made with natural sweeteners and flavors, they are gluten-free, come with 15g of protein, fewer that 200 calories and I have to agree with the company that they do taste pretty amazing.

–     I also received a wine voucher to nakedwines.com.  You have to spend $160.00 to get the discount.  I am not sure they actually deliver to my state because we have a lot of rules around alcohol.  I will definitely need to investigate.

–     Overall, I could not be happier with Bulu’s November Box.  For me to go out and immediately purchase two items with hopes of purchasing two more is really unprecedented.  I only paid $10.00 for this box. You can click here and get 3 months for $30 or one month for $10.  Considering how great the samples are, and how I am really at an age where my health needs to be more of a priority, my Bulu subscription is quickly becoming a favorite.  I love how I can try items before purchasing.  I normally wouldn’t have a clue what to get in terms of vitamins and health food items.

What do you think of Bulu?



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