Barebox November 2014 Review

Cost:  $19.94 ($16+shipping)/Monthly
Shipping:  US, Canada and Internationally
Coupon:  Get 25% off with Code BARE25

–     BareBox is a monthly organic skincare subscription that takes the guess-work out of what to use to promote healthy, clear skin each month.  I had a chance to review BareBox last month (I purchase this subscription), and I absolutely loved the face wash and toner.  You can read last months review by clicking here.

     BareBox just launched last month and this is their second box.  They also now include a site with all of their ingredients listed and appear very responsive to customer concerns.


–     This month there are some slight variations from the original box. Instead of a cream based face wash, they changed their formula.  I really loved last months formula, but it did sit heavy on the face.  I had to use the toner to make my face feel like it did not have product lingering.  Despite the weight, I loved how much it moisturized and thought it would be great in the upcoming winter months. The new face wash, reminds me of dish soap.  It works well and leaves your face feeling clean, but I don’t feel like it moisturizes as deeply. That may be why they included a moisturizer instead of a toner this month.  I have plenty of toner left so this was a nice add-on.  The moisturizer smells a bit like bubble gum but it isn’t unpleasant and you all know how I am about scents.


–     The box always comes with a tea and a scrub.  This month offered the same coffee scrub as last month but the consistency appeared different. This is not a fancy scrub but it really has a great smell and my skin feels tighter after use.  The tea is skin clarifying and completes the box.

–     Considering everything is organic, the value of this box is quite amazing. My skin is sensitive and yet I can use these items all month without redness.  I love this subscription because I do not have to go purchase these items which saves me time, but more importantly, the products are effective.  I do not get paid for this review, I pay for this subscription.  I am glad they are changing products and would love to see a different scrub next month, however, I hope they bring the coffee back regularly and some of the other formulas.

What do you think of BareBox?



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