Making Monday Marvelous 11/10/14

Today is yet another marvelous Monday because……

  • Today was a professional day at work, so no students around today.  I am still behind on all of my grading, but I created a small dent today that will hopefully grow into something bigger.
  • I had a great lunch with some wonderful ladies at a Medi-Eastern restaurant.  I didn’t understand half the menu, but the food was amazing and the conversation fun.

Laffa Mezze

  •  I love when I receive packages from my mother and today I received a package with adorable t shirts inside.  I live down south but we are supposed to get snow this Friday.  I will whip these out then and take some pictures of A and B.

IMG_0725_1 IMG_0727_1

  •   My mother sent me a card and wrote me a letter in French.  I had no idea my mother could speak french… must solve this mystery.
  • I received my November Kidstir and Barebox in the mail today and I am looking forward to putting up reviews.

Hope you are having a magnificent Monday,



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