Saturday Shares: Link up

–      I have decided to test this out.  I would love to build a supportive community with this blog and discuss how we handle everything from the “holidays are coming and I do not know how to keep my children from running wild” to, “the holidays are coming and I really cannot stand to be around (insert family member title) and need advice on how to handle the situation”.   Consider answering the following questions and adding your link up.  Feel free to leave ideas in the comment section for next weeks questions.

1.  What ideas or practices do you have in place that help you keep your house tidy for the holidays?

–     I am asking this for personal reasons.  We have way too many toddler and preschool toys around the house and they migrate into many rooms.  I am thinking about buying bins with lids and organizing toys by themes so that they can only have one box out at a time.  My concern is that this is wishful thinking and the toys will still be all over the place.   My idea is to toss out a lot of items, but I do find it so difficult.  I won’t donate an item unless it is in decent shape.  Fancy has an “organization” box and I have been eying it for quite some time but it could be a miss and it may be I just need to figure things out for myself.  Does anyone know of any great organization book that keeps projects relatively inexpensive?

2.  When you confront difficult life changing decisions, how do you get past fear and develop a solid foundation to answer those questions?

–     Someone recently suggested that I see a life coach.  I would prefer to not spend that kind of money but I definitely see the value in bouncing ideas off of another person.  Career wise I have a lot of concerns.  I am teaching high school right now but I am not sure this is what I will continue to do in the future; although I really love the students and the classroom.  I honestly feel that I am making a significant difference but I also am ABD (all but dissertation) for my PhD and have several other degrees.  I often question if the path I am taking is the most fulfilling and the best way to share my talents.   I also miss New York and consider moving closer to family.  I am in no position to do this for a few years but it is an interesting question as to where I go from here.

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