Birchbox Man “On A Mission” November 2014 Review

Birchbox Man
Cost:  $20/Monthly
Shipping:  US
Coupon: Click here and use Code CRBGIFT to add a free Cynthia Rowley Beauty Game Face Eyeshadow Pallette ($40 value) or use code ESGIFT to receive a free For Earnest Shaving Kit.

“Big-hearted Jennifer”, not sure what I did to deserve this title but I loved seeing this on a box label (next month maybe “The Magnificent” 🙂

–    This is the first time I have ever received a Birchbox other than the limited edition I reviewed this week.  I was not sure if this was my son’s gift or my Birchbox.  I had to open up the contents to find out, and it was rather exciting in an “I just got home from work and get to open a box” way.

The Box

–     Upon inspection it was clear this was for my son.  The flyer inside said this month’s theme was “On A Mission” and on the back of the flyer there was an outline of the products found in the box.

The very artistic insert.
The products listed on the back.

–    At first glance, this box looked great.  No visual distress, and packaging appeared sturdy.  The box arrived quickly, I ordered this less than a week ago.

Item One: Basics for Men by Beckman:  Ultimate tough Skin Relief 

–    This is a glycerin-powered formula that heals and hydrates damaged skin without a greasy finish.  Should be applied to anywhere that is chapped or in need of TLC.

Sample size .25 oz

Item Two:  Do The Right Thing:  Face to Face Foam Cleanser

–    Face to Face is a foaming wash that digs up dirt and oil with ultra fine bubbles instead of scrubbing beads.  Squeeze a dollop into your palm, gently massage into damp face then rinse with cold water.

Sample Size 15 ml

Items Three and Four:  RUSK Hair Care and English Laundry: Notting Hill


–    RUSK is a pliable, medium-hold styler that offers lift and definition while leaving you in control of movement.  You just rub a small amount between fingertips and work into wet or dry hair, from roots to ends. I believe this is a deluxe sample (1.5 oz) a full size bottle is $18, but I am not sure. The Notting Hill is normally ($70-$85) for full size, this is just a small vial sample.

Item Five LSTN Headphones:  Bowery Earbuds ($50)

IMG_0710_1–    LSTN headphones were a huge hit with my teenage sons.  These are elector-acoustic ear buds wrapped in reclaimed wood for superior sound with a retro edge.  You just plug in to your device and listen.  LSTN provides part of their proceeds to help individuals in need of hearing aids.

–     I am so pleased with the value and items in this box however, I was not the one that needed to be impressed.   I asked my sons (14, 17, and 18) if they would like this box for their holiday gift.  Upon seeing these headphones and the rest of the contents in this box, my fourteen year old has changed his mind and now has asked for a gift subscription. Just the headphones are worth more than twice what I paid for the box, you can’t beat that value.  I am really excited to give them high end grooming/lifestyle products but even more pleased to share my love for subscriptions.

What do you think?



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