Friday Reflections 11/7/14

At the end of the work week I like to reflect on what was accomplished, exciting, negative and just memorable.  This week was eventful because:

  • Getting ready for the upcoming cold is interesting with a family of nine.  My son J (14), today in very cold weather, was shivering in shorts without a jacket as we drove to school.  Now he has jackets, but often cannot find what he needs and is in a hurry. I am aware that I have to load up on boots, coats, gloves, and more every year.  So far A and B are covered with pretty nice boots and coats.  I was able to use the Nike Gift Card from Pop Sugar Must Have to purchase B a gorgeous pair of boots and Sam’s Club had the best deal on Osh Kosh boots for A.

  • Despite a lack of sleep that may make other lesser mortals go insane, my husband is still standing.  Having a child that is an insomniac is a whole new world, I am hoping we will come out of this still standing.
  • It is the end of the session and I have survived writing and giving sixty students final exams, now on to the grading.
  • I need to get back to working out and healthier eating.  I believe I found my new go to snack.  I love the salty (my weakness) texture of these Oloves.

Oloves Olives Variety Pack of 12

  • I am feeling a growing desperation for a date night with my husband away from all things children and young adults!! What do you do in November?  I have to plan ahead of time because of child care.
  • My job seems to be going so much smoother this year. I am so impressed with the amount of professional growth I see in faculty and administrators and I hope I am growing as well.  My school survived a fire a few years ago (I was also nine months pregnant with A).  We were lucky, our school burned down to the ground but the initial blast started at 5 in the morning so everyone was safe.  We did have a few firemen heroes that were injured and we are forever grateful to them.  It has been a struggle to recreate our whole school and yet some how we are rebuilding our community.
  • I am intrigued by the amount of Dystopian novels and upcoming movies.  I often wonder how they will impact current teenagers as adults; will they make them more paranoid?  Hunger Games, Divergent, Virulent, The Selection, Icons, The Maze Runner, State of Emergency, Ender’s Game and so many more attract my student to no end, but I absolutely understand why because I have read them all as well.

  • I just finished this months subscription review list and there are so many.  I was trying to scale down before Paris but the deals are incredible.  I am looking forward to trying Memebox for the first time.  I was a little surprised  how long it actually is taking to get to my house.  I ordered this box in September with a ship date of October 31st and they are saying it could be at the end of this month.

Here is to the weekend,



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