Sunny Simple Sundays 11/2

The simple life on a restful Sunday.

-November seems to have just sneaked up on me.  Yesterday we kicked off our first Speech and Debate Season Tournament.  As always it was an adventure and I hope my students walked a way with real life skills, not just medals and trophies.

-I am having guilty mom syndrome.  I know there are a lot of reasons a mom should work, and I know that kids from working moms turn out just fine, but I do hate how little time I have with my little ones.  B and I have spent all morning together working on the November Ivy Kids KitChicka Chicka Boom.  These feelings of fleeting time led me to create this blog.

This was my favorite activity. B was a bit overzealous and had to add two more hand prints on the bottom.

-I know other parents feel the same time bind and I hope by sharing how I create quality experiences with my family I will assist others.  I know to some, subscription box reviews or product reviews may appear materialistic, truth is, with the kid subscriptions I really have no material to show other than great books or creative kid lessons and art.  What I do get from these marvelous kits are educational experience that become special moments between myself and my kids. My Sunny Simple Sunday is catching up with the most important people to me in the world.

Ivy Kids Subscription Kit
I think this is my favorite box from Ivy Kids so far. We worked on reading, writing, counting, matching, coloring and so much more. B sang her ABC’s non stop and kept singing Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! Her grandma B has been purchasing this subscription for her and I am extremely grateful.
One of the activities was this Magnetic Letters and Coconut Tree. I have this on my fridge and we are going to put up a new word each day.
Our coloring alphabet puzzle. A little messy because the kids moved these all over the house but also a lot of fun.

PS:  If your are interested in Ivy Kits they currently have a 20% off coupon code for your first kit.  Just click here and use the coupon code IVY20 at checkout.

You can also see my past reviews here:  October Ivy Kids Kit Review.




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