Thursday Thoughts: Postcrossing

—   I am going to hook up (better late than never) with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom today on her Thursday thoughts.  I wanted to share something fun with you all today.

—   Those of you that follow my blog know I am a former attorney/criminologist turned high school government and Speech and Debate teacher/coach.  I have mentioned my upcoming trips to France and China and I have also shared ever so briefly my ideas on teaching cultural competency.  Teaching teenagers about other cultures is not an easy task, and I find myself daily wondering how I can make government, let alone other cultures and their ways of life, matter to my students.  I want to be innovative, flexible and of course, engaging.

—   Right now I am trying something out with my students.  There is an online service called Postcrossing where if you sign up (for free) you can then send postcards with messages all around the world.  A new friend from Germany received my very first post card this week.  I have since sent out five more postcards. The service has a postcard ID system where you can see the miles your post cards travel, the geographic location, and messages can be sent to you through email without giving away your address.

—   My students beginning next week will be sending out postcards with messages; my hope is to proudly display return postcards from all over the world and inspire student learning in the process.  I would encourage you all to check out Postcrossing, it really is amazing.  Wish me luck!



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