Great Kids Snack Box October 2014 Review

A GREAT Kids Snack Box

Great Kids Snack Box
Cost:  15 Items/$20.95, 30 Items/$39.95, Gluten Free Box Available.
Shipping: US
Coupon:  N/A (I did purchase this during a Plum District Deal).

–     Great Kids goal is to provide a convenient way for parents to provide their children a nutritious alternative to the artificial ingredients and chemical preservatives contained in most of today’s popular snacks.

–     That’s why they deliver a GREAT Kids Snack Box each month with healthy snacks that include organic or all-natural ingredients, along with essential vitamins and minerals to help children grow healthy every day.

–   Billing occurs on the 15th of each month and I received my box on the 28th.  I purchased their 30 snack box.


  • Great Kids ships through FedEx and it arrived in a plain white box.  I actually was not sure what this was until I opened it and inside: A box full of nutritious snacks. Later I laughed as I realized there was a sticker on the other side and I was holding it upside down.


  • Everything was just put in the box without any protective packaging and yet all was intact and nothing appeared smashed or broken.


  •     There are 30 items in this box, however, I received 29 food items (I had a second Barre bar not pictured and a bag of multi-grain chips that someone (no names but she is four), happened to snag before the pics. There were also several non-food items including coupons, a sticker and maybe what was considered my 30th item, a bag sealer (pictured below).


  • I am not going to do a cost breakdown for all of the items because you can get them all for a variety of prices depending on where you look. The bottom line for me is that each of these is valued at over a dollar and normally you would have to buy them in packages.  The chance to try this many snacks that are not only great tasting but nutritious really makes this a valuable service.


  • A few friends tell me they are ordering a box a month for their child’s lunches.  You have a healthy snack a day ready to go.


  • I receive Justin’s butters a lot.  We all enjoy them.


  • I ate the Egg White Chips for lunch today at work.  They tasted a bit like Churros, very yummy.


  • As soon as I saw the meat sticks I knew I was in trouble.  My husband immediately grabbed them but was gracious enough (dripping sarcasm) to let me try a small taste of each.


  • I have found my new go to snack and it is OLOVES.  I love olives and these are fantastic.  I am thinking about stashing some of these at work for lunch less days.


  • B enjoyed her banana Soyjoy sticker and I already purchase the go raw bars from our local grocer.  These retail over $3.00 so just this bar was a great deal and very yummy.

I did not want to like this subscription.  Forty dollars a month is a bit pricey.  Now that I have tried it I am not sure I can let it go.  The convenience of 30 healthy snacks to take on the go is a mothers’ dream.  I just wish I could afford six boxes a month.  What do you think?



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