Kelly Kits October 2014 Review

Kelly Kits
Cost:  $12.99 monthly or $99 annually.

—-Kelly Kits introduce a broad variety of tools, materials and art techniques in 5 art disciplines: painting, sculpting, drawing, printmaking, and collage.  There are instructions for all age groups.

—I recently picked up a three month subscription at Plum District.  Plum District has amazing subscription and item sales.  I do not believe this deal is available any more but you can check out their other offers.

The October theme is Lustrous Leaves. B is all about fall and leaves so it was perfect timing.

No image available.
It’s autumn and the leaves are starting to turn shades of copper and gold. We are celebrating with gilded leaf sculptures!

—The kits arrive in a plain padded yellow envelope and included paint, two small sculpt it modeling clay packages,  instructions and a leaf template.


—I would have loved to make the leaf bowl but B is only four so I went with the pre-school project instead.  The kit recommends to make letters with the clay, let the kids explore and feel the dough.  My issue was that I had to let the dough dry for 48 hours before B could paint.  She was not having this, and we ended up painting the B wet.


—The instructions were well written and we did have a lot of fun.  I do wonder if this is a tad expensive for what you get, especially when you compare it to other similar subscriptions.


I had a hard time capturing this but next month is Wolf Kahn Landscape.  I imagine B and I will do something fun with this, especially since she loves to paint.



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