Tuesday Meetings

—There are several wonderful boxes waiting to be reviewed at my house but, today I am at the High School getting ready to have a parent meeting.  I created a 13 page document outlining the expectations and demands of my Speech and Debate team members.  I have no idea how the parents will respond, but I know I am desperate for their help.

—We have to raise thousands of dollars each year to keep our team running and I need judges for each tournament.  My hope is that I can convince parents that I am not a convenient babysitting service but rather a Coach that is going to need them to be active in their kids career in Speech and Debate.  The benefits are beyond what many can probably even imagine.

—I sometimes wonder if parents have any ideas as to what a teacher gives up in terms of time and money.  I really believe we have it backwards in this country.  We glamorize sports players and Hollywood stars while people are giving up their lives and their pocket books trying to create a better world. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to go in to a self-righteous rant.  I just know that my kids teachers mean a heck of a lot more to me then a television character; and that police man down the street that will be available if my kids are ever in need…..there are not enough words as a parent to express my gratitude.



One thought on “Tuesday Meetings

  1. I have several Educators in my family. My S-I-L is in her 36th year of teaching on a Masters’ Level I still believe under-compensated; it is her calling! An older (the oldest) Brother a retired Coach/Math & Science Teacher. A nephew Teaches Adjunct at a Community College/Technical School Paramedics. My Older Brother taught 25 years and retired 2 years ago with a full pension! He still works in another field. I admire each one of them for their dedication! Cheryl

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