A Mother’s Intuition

—I am hooking up with Jen today at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom to share my Thursday Thoughts.  I am thinking today about intuition, which can be defined as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

—Last night I came home from work and had quite a scare.  A, my two-year old looked pale and he was wheezing pretty hard off and on.  Since August, he had seemed to have congestion on a regular basis and I attributed it to allergies.  My family battles with allergies and asthma pretty hard and we have to be pretty careful.  Zyrtec, nasal sprays, Albuterol, they are all part of my daily regiment but on some level I was hoping A would be okay.

My A doing what he loves: rocks, dirt and don’t forget there should be something with wheels in the pic.

—As I held him on our porch swing yesterday, he felt cold to me, and all of a sudden I had a strong urge to run him to the Emergency Room.  I called my husband at work and  he quickly drove home and off we went.  My husband and his boss were both pretty amazing, they just trusted my judgment.  When we arrived A looked pale but he was running around and being loud. Although he was still wheezing off and on, I kept wondering if I made the right call.  They took his vitals, and he had no temperature and his oxygen levels were not perfect, but they were nothing scary.  There really was nothing except that incessant wheezing. The doctor listened to his chest and said she wanted to send him down for x-rays.  I started apologizing ahead of time because A is very strong-willed and I knew getting him to take the x-rays was going to be difficult.

—The x-rays overall went really well.  Yes he cried, but it was quick and we only had to do one retake.  Within the hour we were told A  had pneumonia and needed all sorts of medicine, and to see a follow-up doctor in a week. I was expecting asthma, so the pneumonia diagnosis was a bit of a surprise.  I kept wondering how long had he been ill and could I have done things differently.  Truth is, sometimes you just have to be grateful that you have figured out what was wrong ,and not beat yourself up.  To constantly question really in the end does not help anyone; next time we know that he may not display normal symptoms and we will be more aware and ready.   The medicine has hit A pretty hard today. Usually with an antibiotic you get worse before you get better and we are vigilantly keeping an eye on my little one because it is clear his body is fighting.

—It is funny how in all the craziness that represents my day to day life, I often have feelings and thoughts that I put aside.  In my heart I knew I should have immediately taken A to the doctors and I am glad I listened to it.  I fight a “logic” game every day; I always try to do what is cost-effective and logical.  As a mother or parent, I think it is good sometimes that we slow down and  listen to our heart.

PS:  I will get the Trim Healthy Mama  book review out later this week and link it here, just had a little delay 😉

Yours on this very thoughtful Thursday,



One thought on “A Mother’s Intuition

  1. Always. always follow your instincts! I do every time if I am in doubt I call my Mom who also raised 5 children. Between us we do the right thing. As you did for A. He’ll mend children are something special each and everyone of them. Best. Cheryl

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